Guide to Upgrading Barracks in King of Avalon

Guide to Upgrading Barracks in King of Avalon

In the intricate world of King of Avalon, where strategy, alliances, and warfare determine the fate of your kingdom, building a formidable army is crucial for survival and dominance. Central to this goal are your Barracks, the backbone of your military might, where infantry units are trained and housed. Upgrading your Barracks is not merely about unlocking more potent soldiers; it’s an essential strategy that affects every aspect of your gameplay, from warfare to resource management. This guide will take you through the nuances of upgrading your Barracks in King of Avalon, ensuring your army is a force to be reckoned with.

The Importance of Upgrading Barracks

At its core, upgrading your Barracks allows you to train higher-level troops, which are significantly more effective in battle. But the benefits extend beyond the battlefield. Higher-level troops can gather resources faster and protect your kingdom more efficiently against attackers. Moreover, upgrading your Barracks is pivotal for participating in kingdom events successfully, which often require strong, versatile armies to compete on both the regional and global stages.

When to Upgrade Your Barracks

Timing is crucial in King of Avalon. Prioritizing Barracks upgrades requires a balance between your kingdom’s current needs and your long-term strategic goals. A common strategy is to upgrade your Barracks whenever you have a surplus of resources, or right after you’ve secured your kingdom’s defenses. However, if you’re actively participating in wars or events, it may be wise to hold off on upgrades until you have a stable resource flow, ensuring your army’s strength isn’t compromised by potential resource shortages.

Preparation and Resources

Before commencing an upgrade, it’s pivotal to amass the necessary resources. You’ll need food, wood, and iron in vast quantities, along with silver for higher-level upgrades. It’s advisable to join an alliance where resources can be shared and assistance with construction times can be obtained. Planning resource collection around gather enhancement events or utilizing resource production boosts can significantly reduce the burden of resource accumulation. Additionally, ensure your builders are free and your kingdom is at a point of relative safety from enemy attacks.

Upgrading Strategy and Tips

  • Use Speedups Wisely: Saving speedup bonuses for Barracks upgrades can be more beneficial than using them indiscriminately. Strategic use during kingdom events can also yield additional rewards.
  • Research Enhancements: Before focusing solely on Barracks, ensure your research is aligned with your military strategy. Certain technologies can decrease upgrade times and resource requirements or even enhance your troops’ overall effectiveness.
  • Monitor Power Balance: While upgrading Barracks increases your kingdom’s power level, it’s crucial to maintain a balance with your defense systems and other military structures to ensure a comprehensive security strategy against all types of threats.
  • Participate in Events: Many King of Avalon events offer rewards that can assist in Barracks upgrades, including resources, speedups, and even builder boosts. Prioritize participation in these events for maximum benefit.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Focusing too much on upgrading a single Barracks or neglecting your army’s composition can lead to vulnerabilities. Additionally, overextension—upgrading your Barracks without sufficient resources for troop training—can limit your military capabilities. It’s crucial to maintain a balanced approach, ensuring your kingdom is adequately defended while progressively upgrading your Barracks.

FAQs about Upgrading Barracks in King of Avalon

How can I speed up the upgrading process of my Barracks?

Speeding up the Barracks upgrades in King of Avalon involves a multipronged approach. Utilize any speedup bonuses you’ve accumulated during gameplay, actively participate in alliance helps where members can reduce your upgrade times, and keep an eye out for special events that offer speedup rewards. Enhancing your research in construction and training speed can also offer long-term benefits in reducing upgrade times.

What is the best way to manage resources for upgrading Barracks?

The best way to manage resources for Barracks upgrades involves strategic planning and efficient resource gathering. Focus on enhancing your resource production through research and building upgrades. Participate in alliance and kingdom events that reward ample resources. Utilizing resource items stored in your inventory only when needed can prevent potential losses from enemy raids. Always have a safeguard by keeping an emergency stockpile of resources or seeking alliance assistance when you’re close to your target but short on supplies.

How important are alliances in the process of upgrading Barracks?

Alliances play a crucial role in the process of upgrading Barracks in King of Avalon. Being part of an active alliance can significantly ease the burden of gathering the necessary resources and reducing upgrade times through alliance helps. Additionally, alliances provide a protective network against potential attackers, ensuring your kingdom remains secure while you focus on upgrades. Participating in alliance events can also yield rewards that aid in the barracks upgrading process.

Can I still train troops while my Barracks are being upgraded?

Yes, you can continue to train troops in King of Avalon while a Barracks is being upgraded, as long as you have additional Barracks that are not undergoing an upgrade. It’s advisable to have multiple Barracks to ensure continuous troop production, which is vital for maintaining your kingdom’s defense and resource collection capabilities.

What happens if I upgrade my Barracks too quickly?

Upgrading your Barracks too quickly in King of Avalon can lead to a resource imbalance. While it might be tempting to focus solely on amassing a powerful army through rapid Barracks upgrades, neglecting other aspects of your kingdom, such as defense mechanisms and resource production capabilities, can leave you vulnerable to attacks and potentially unable to sustain the upkeep for your larger, more powerful army. Balance is key; ensure you’re also investing in your kingdom’s overall development alongside upgrading your Barracks.

Is it better to have multiple upgraded Barracks or focus on a single one?

In King of Avalon, having multiple upgraded Barracks rather than focusing on a single one yields several advantages. It allows you to train more troops simultaneously, increasing your army’s growth rate. Additionally, it provides flexibility in managing troop training schedules and ensures continuous production, even when one Barracks is being upgraded. This balanced approach can significantly enhance your kingdom’s military strength and readiness for battles and events.

How do special events impact Barracks upgrades?

Special events in King of Avalon can significantly impact Barracks upgrades through the provision of resources, speedups, and other valuable rewards. Participating in these events strategically can supply the necessary boosts to ease the upgrading process. It’s important to monitor event schedules and conditions to maximize participation benefits, using events not only as a means to accelerate Barracks upgrades but also to strengthen your kingdom’s overall capabilities.

What should I prioritize, upgrading Barracks or researching military technologies?

Deciding whether to prioritize upgrading Barracks or researching military technologies in King of Avalon largely depends on your current kingdom needs and strategic goals. Both avenues are crucial for building a strong army. However, if your troops are significantly underpowered for your level, focusing on Barracks upgrades might be more beneficial initially. Conversely, if you have relatively strong troops but are facing high upgrade costs or times, military research can provide substantial benefits, making your existing forces more effective and future upgrades more manageable.

How do I protect my resources while gathering for a Barracks upgrade?

Protecting your resources while preparing for a Barracks upgrade in King of Avalon involves several strategies. Use your warehouse to protect a portion of your resources from enemy raids. Implement a ‘zero resource’ policy when logging off, which means spending or safeguarding resources so you’re not an attractive target for attackers. Being active in an alliance for mutual protection and participating in Kingdom events for resource shields can also offer additional layers of security, ensuring your gathered resources remain intact for your upgrade efforts.

What is the role of Barracks in the larger context of my kingdom’s development?

In the larger context of kingdom development in King of Avalon, Barracks serve as the foundation for building and maintaining a powerful army. They are pivotal not only for defense against attackers but also for offensive operations, resource gathering, and participating in kingdom-wide events. Upgrading Barracks should be viewed as part of a comprehensive strategy that includes fortifying your defenses, enhancing your economy, and forming strategic alliances. A balanced approach to development ensures your kingdom is well-prepared for all aspects of gameplay, from warfare to alliances and beyond.


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