10 Quick Tips to Master Coin Master

A medieval village with a cartoonish wizard giving a tutorial on how to unlock treasure chests and spin a golden slot machine, overlayed with magical icons representing tips and strategies for mastering the game Coin Master, all in an engaging storybook illustration style.

10 Quick Tips to Master Coin Master

Coin Master, developed by Moon Active, is a captivating mobile game that combines the mechanics of a slot machine with the fascinating elements of strategy and adventure. Players voyage through time and magical lands building their village to be the best pirate, hippie, king, warrior, or Viking. As engaging as it is, ascending to the top and becoming a Coin Master requires more than just luck. Here are ten quick tips to help you master Coin Master and outshine your competitors.

1. Save Your Spins

One common mistake new players make is using their spins as soon as they get them. It’s more strategic to save your spins for events where rewards are doubled or even tripled. These events offer more bang for your buck, allowing you to gain more resources from your spins than you would on a regular day.

2. Strategically Spend Your Coins

Sitting on a mountain of coins might feel satisfying, but it also makes you a prime target for raiders. To avoid losing your hard-earned wealth, spend coins on building and upgrading your village. This not only secures your resources but also progresses you to the next level faster.

3. Participate in Events

Coin Master frequently hosts events that offer unique rewards and bonuses. By participating, you can earn special items, spins, and coins. Keep an eye on the event calendar and plan your strategies around these events to maximize your gains.

4. Make the Most of the Slot Machine

The slot machine in Coin Master is your gate to earning coins, raiding other villages, shielding your village, and gaining pet items. Understanding the combination of symbols that lead to these rewards is crucial. For instance, three shields protect your village from enemy attacks, while three pigs allow you to raid other players’ villages.

5. Connect Your Account to Facebook

By linking your Coin Master account to Facebook, you not only ensure your game progress is saved but also gain 50 additional spins and a substantial amount of coins. This connection also allows you to trade cards with friends, which can help you complete card collections for bonuses.

6. Complete Card Collections

Collecting cards is another vital aspect of Coin Master. Completing card collections awards you with spins, pets, and many other prizes. Trade cards with friends or utilize the coin master communities on social media platforms to find the missing pieces of your collections.

7. Understand the Importance of Pets

Pets provide you with additional bonuses while attacking and raiding. For instance, Foxy gives you extra coins while raiding, while Tiger increases the amount of Coin you steal from raids. Remember to feed your pets (with Pet Snacks) to keep these bonuses active.

8. Optimize Your Village Layout

While you can’t prevent attacks and raids entirely, optimizing your village layout can minimize the damage. Place high-value buildings in the center and surround them with less crucial structures. This way, even when you’re attacked, the more critical buildings might remain untouched.

9. Keep an Eye on Your Opponent’s Village Status

Before launching a raid, check if your opponent’s village is shielded. If it is, it’s better to wait until their shield drops or find a different village to raid. This strategic waiting can prevent the waste of a potentially lucrative raid opportunity.

10. Patience and Persistence

Last but not least, like any game of chance, patience and persistence are key in Coin Master. There will be days when spins don’t go your way, or you find yourself constantly raided. Remember, persistence in building your village, gathering resources, and participating in events will eventually pay off.


How do I protect my village in Coin Master?

To protect your village in Coin Master, you can use shields, which you can get from the slot machine. Each shield you earn allows you to protect your village from an enemy attack. Also, remember upgrading your village buildings not only advances your village but makes it more challenging for opponents to steal a significant amount of coins. Pets like Rhino can also offer protection against attacks when they’re active.

What are the best strategies for earning more spins?

Earning more spins in Coin Master involves a combination of playing strategically and taking advantage of social connections. Participate in events, as many of them provide spins as rewards. Also, inviting friends to play Coin Master can earn you spins, and so can viewing ad offers when available. Another strategy is to follow Coin Master on social media, where they frequently share links to free spins.

How can I effectively raid other villages?

To effectively raid other villages, use pets like Foxy for extra rewards. Before raiding, check the status of the village for shields to ensure your raid won’t be wasted. Prioritize attacking villages that have high levels of coins. Using the Bet X feature can also amplify your raid rewards, but it’s a riskier move as it also uses more spins.

What should I do if I run out of spins?

If you run out of spins, you can wait for them to regenerate over time, watch ads if the option is available, or visit social media and official Coin Master pages for daily links to free spins. Participating in events or trading duplicate cards for spins through Facebook groups dedicated to Coin Master can also help replenish your spin count.

Is there a way to get free coins without using spins?

Yes, you can earn free coins without using spins in several ways. One method is through Coin Master’s daily links on their social media profiles, offering free coins and spins. Attending events can also reward you with coins, and opening the game daily allows you to spin the Daily Bonus Wheel, which can yield coins. Additionally, keeping your village under protection minimizes the chance of losing coins to raids, effectively saving them.

How can I complete my card collections faster?

Completing card collections faster involves active trading with friends or members of Coin Master social media groups. Participating in specific events that reward you with cards or chests can also accelerate the process. Buying chests in every new village you unlock provides a higher chance of obtaining new cards. Remember, the rarity of the cards varies, so some might require more effort to obtain through trading or purchasing chests.

What is the significance of stars in Coin Master?

Stars in Coin Master represent the level of your ranking and progression in the game. Each time you upgrade a building in your village or unlock a new village, you’re awarded stars. The total number of stars determines your ranking on the leaderboard. Essentially, the more stars you have, the more advanced and potent your village is perceived to be.

How do I unlock new villages?

Unlocking new villages in Coin Master requires you to complete the construction and upgrading of all the structures in your current village. Once every building is at its maximum level, you’ll have the option to move on to a new village, using coins. Each successive village becomes progressively more expensive to build, making the accumulation of coins and strategic spending even more critical.

What do I do if my village is constantly being attacked?

If your village is constantly under attack, first ensure you’re using shields effectively. Keep an eye out for the protective Rhino pet, which can add an extra layer of defense when active. Participate in events that offer shields or spins as rewards to maintain your protection. Connecting with friends for mutual aid and setting up a more strategic village layout can also minimize the impact of attacks.

Can I play Coin Master without connecting to Facebook?

Yes, you can play Coin Master without connecting to Facebook, but doing so may limit certain features. Connecting your account to Facebook allows for progress backup, the ability to trade cards, receive gifts, and interact with friends within the game. However, it’s entirely possible to enjoy Coin Master’s core gameplay mechanics and progress through the game without this social connection.


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