Ultimate Guide to Ark: Survival Evolved Console Commands

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The Ultimate Guide to Ark: Survival Evolved Console Commands

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game that puts players on a mysterious island teeming with dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals, natural hazards, and potentially hostile human players. To navigate this perilous world, knowledge of in-game mechanics, crafting, and combat is essential. However, there exists another layer of interaction within the game that can dramatically change how you experience it: console commands. Console commands in Ark: Survival Evolved are special inputs that can be used to manipulate the game in various ways, from spawning items or creatures to changing the time of day. This ultimate guide will explore the most useful console commands, how to enable them, and tips for using them effectively.

Enabling Console Commands

Before wielding the immense power of console commands, you must first know how to enable them:

For PC players, accessing the console is as simple as pressing the Tab key during gameplay. For those on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, pressing LB + RB + X + Y simultaneously during gameplay will do the trick. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users can access it by pressing L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle. These commands bring up a text input box that allows you to type in the various command codes.

Common Console Command Categories

Console commands in Ark: Survival Evolved fall into several broad categories, each serving different purposes:

  • Server Management Commands: These commands help admins control and manage the game server. They can kick or ban players, change server settings, and more.
  • Player Commands: Commands in this category affect the player character directly, such as changing their level, giving them items, or teleporting them to different locations.
  • Creature Commands: These commands can spawn creatures, force them to tame, or even cause them to instantly die.
  • Environment Commands: With these commands, admins can alter the game world, changing the time of day, weather, and other environmental variables.

Essential Console Commands for Ark

Let’s delve into some specific console commands that can be particularly useful in various in-game scenarios:

Giving Items

giveitemnum [item ID] [quantity] [quality] [blueprint] is a command used to give items to yourself. The item ID is a numeric indicator of the item you want, with quantity and quality self-explanatory. For the blueprint argument, setting it to 1 gives the blueprint for the item instead of the item itself.

Changing the Time of Day

settimeofday [HH:MM] allows you to change the in-game time of day to whatever you specify, enabling you to skip night or prolong daytime for your activities.

Spawning Creatures

summon [creature ID] spawns a creature at your location. You’ll need to know the specific ID for the creature you want to spawn, which can be found in various Ark resources and wikis.

Leveling Up

addexperience [amount] 0 0 will add the specified amount of experience to your character, allowing faster progression. This can be useful for catching up to friends on a server or quickly reaching a necessary level for crafting certain items.


teleport instantly moves your character to any location on the map that your cursor is pointing at, making exploration and travel significantly quicker.

When using console commands, always consider the impact on your gameplay experience. While they can provide a shortcut or aid in managing your server, part of the joy of Ark comes from overcoming its challenges through skill and perseverance.

Tips for Using Console Commands

  • Use Sparingly: Relying too much on commands can detract from the game’s intended survival challenge. Use them to enhance your gameplay rather than bypass it entirely.
  • Backup Your Game: Before using commands that can significantly alter the game world or your character, make sure to backup your game data. Some commands can have unintended consequences that might affect your progress.
  • Experiment in Single-Player: Before using commands on a public or private server, test them out in single-player mode to fully understand their effects.

Console commands in Ark: Survival Evolved can significantly alter your gameplay, offering everything from minor tweaks to total control over the game environment. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to experiment or a server admin managing your realm, understanding and utilizing these commands can unlock a whole new dimension of gameplay.

FAQs: Ultimate Guide to Ark: Survival Evolved Console Commands

How do I activate cheat commands on my Ark server?

To activate cheat commands on an Ark server, you first need to log in as an admin. This is generally done by using the command EnableCheats followed by your server’s password. Once logged in as an admin, you’re free to use any of the game’s cheat commands. Remember, these commands can have a significant impact on the server and its players, so use them judiciously.

Can I use console commands in Ark’s single-player mode?

Yes, console commands can be used in Ark’s single-player mode. Enabling them is the same as in multiplayer – simply access the console using the respective key combination for your platform, then input the commands you wish to use. This makes the single-player mode an excellent playground for testing commands and learning their effects without impacting other players.

Is it possible to undo a command in Ark?

Depending on the command, it might not always be possible to undo its effects directly. Some commands, such as those spawning items or creatures, can be countered relatively easily by removing or killing what was spawned. However, commands that affect progression, like experience boosts, or alter the game world significantly, might not be reversible. Always backup your game before using potentially disruptive commands.

What are some of the risks of using console commands in Ark?

Using console commands in Ark carries several risks, including breaking the game balance, causing glitches or bugs, and potentially corrupting save files. Abusing commands can also diminish the gameplay experience, removing the challenge and satisfaction found in surviving and progressing through the game naturally. Additionally, on multiplayer servers, unfair use of commands can disrupt the experience for other players, leading to conflicts or even bans from the server.

How can I find the item or creature IDs necessary for certain commands?

Item and creature IDs required for specific commands in Ark can be found in numerous online resources, including the official Ark: Survival Evolved wiki, dedicated fan websites, and various community forums. These resources often provide comprehensive lists of IDs, along with additional information that can be invaluable when using console commands, such as spawn codes, behavior modifiers, and more.

What is the best way to learn and remember the various console commands in Ark?

The best way to learn and remember console commands in Ark is through frequent use and experimentation. Starting with the most useful or intriguing commands in a single-player session can help you grasp their effects and limitations. Keeping a cheat sheet or a bookmarked list of commands can also be incredibly helpful. As you become more familiar with commands, their syntax and application will become second nature.

Can console commands be used to enhance the role-playing aspects of Ark?

Yes, console commands can significantly enhance the role-playing (RP) aspects of Ark. They can be used to tailor the environment to better suit the narrative, spawn specific creatures or items to fit a storyline, or even adjust the game mechanics to better align with the role-playing experience. However, it’s crucial to use these commands thoughtfully and with the consent of other players to ensure everyone’s experience remains enjoyable and immersive.

Are there any console commands that can help with managing Ark servers?

Yes, there are numerous console commands designed specifically for server management in Ark. These include commands for banning or kicking players, changing server settings, controlling the weather, and initiating server-wide events. These tools can help maintain a healthy, balanced, and engaging game environment for all players. Familiarizing yourself with these commands as a server admin can significantly improve your capacity to manage and moderate your server effectively.

How do I ensure fair use of console commands in a multiplayer environment?

Ensuring fair use of console commands in a multiplayer environment requires clear communication, setting established rules, and sometimes implementing technical restrictions. Server admins should be transparent about which commands are acceptable and under what circumstances they can be used. It may also be helpful to use mods or server management tools that log command use, allowing for oversight and accountability. Ultimately, fostering a community that values fairness and respect will help deter misuse of console commands.

Can the use of console commands affect achievements in Ark?

Yes, using certain console commands can affect your ability to earn achievements in Ark. Some commands disable achievements for the current play session, requiring a restart of the game to re-enable them. This is designed to prevent players from using cheats to easily unlock achievements. If earning achievements is important to you, it’s recommended to avoid using console commands, or at least to be mindful of which commands may impact achievements.


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