Complete List of Battlefield 4 Campaign Missions

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Complete List of Battlefield 4 Campaign Missions

Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, is renowned for its intense multiplayer mode and engaging campaign. The campaign is set in the year 2020, with tensions running high between the major powers of the world. Players step into the boots of Sgt. Daniel Recker, a member of Tombstone squad, navigating through hostile territories with his squad to prevent a global conflict. For those looking to dive into its single-player mode, here’s a detailed guide on the complete list of Battlefield 4 Campaign Missions, offering a brief overview of each stage in this dramatic journey.


The opening mission, Baku, serves as both an introduction to the game’s mechanics and the narrative’s onset. Set in Azerbaijan, the mission finds Recker and his squad, Tombstone, attempting to escape the city of Baku with crucial intelligence in tow. The mission is thrilling, teaching the player basic controls and combat tactics while unraveling the beginning threads of a global crisis. It’s a race against time, with the Chinese military hot on their heels, setting a high-octane tone for the campaign.


Shanghai escalates the campaign significantly, transporting players to a city on the brink of chaos. The mission’s objective is to evacuate VIPs from a building in downtown Shanghai amidst growing tensions between the US, Russia, and China. This mission is memorable for its cinematic moments, including a harrowing building collapse. The evolving dynamics between squad members and the hauntingly realistic portrayal of a city teetering on the edge of war add depth to the game’s narrative.

South China Sea

Set aboard the USS Valkyrie, a US aircraft carrier, South China Sea throws the player into a scenario filled with espionage and high-stakes decisions. The mission focuses on uncovering intelligence and preventing a military escalation in the region. The confined spaces of the aircraft carrier present unique combat challenges and intense firefights, contrasting the open environments of previous missions. Additionally, the mission extends the geopolitical narrative, hinting at a lurking threat beneath the surface tensions.


In Singapore, Tombstone squad is tasked with securing Singapore’s critical waterways, facing off against both nature and enemy forces. This mission introduces more vehicular combat sections, allowing players to pilot boats and engage in high-speed chases and confrontations. The visually stunning rainstorm adds an atmospheric tension to the mission, further immersing the player in the game’s world. Singapore is a pivot point in the campaign, with the stakes raised and the squad’s loyalty tested.

Kunlun Mountains

The Kunlun Mountains mission is a high-altitude adventure set in a Chinese prison camp. Recker’s objective is to escape the camp and free other prisoners, adding a stealth element to the game’s otherwise action-packed gameplay. The mission stands out for its cold, bleak setting and the introduction of new allies, expanding the narrative beyond Tombstone squad. The sense of camaraderie and survival against the odds is a strong theme throughout this segment.


Set in the war-torn city of Tashgar, this mission challenges players to navigate through urban warfare and crumbling infrastructures. The mission’s primary objective is to find a way back to the USS Valkyrie, with the help of a local operative. Tashgar brings intense ground combat and strategic challenges, forcing players to adapt to rapidly changing battle conditions. The mission also deepens the narrative, exposing the complexities of the geopolitical situation.


The campaign culminates with the Suez mission, where Tombstone returns to the USS Valkyrie to confront the final threat. This mission is a full circle for players, combining elements of vehicular and infantry combat in a high-stakes environment. The Suez Canal’s tight confines create a tense atmosphere, perfect for the campaign’s climax. Decisions made in this final battle have lasting implications, leading to multiple possible endings based on the player’s choices.

Battlefield 4’s campaign is a rollercoaster of emotions, settings, and combat experiences. From the cobbled streets of Baku to the high seas and beyond, each mission contributes to a complex narrative of loyalty, sacrifice, and the thin line between peace and war. Now, let’s delve into some of the most common questions related to Battlefield 4’s campaign.


How long does it take to complete the Battlefield 4 campaign?

Completing the Battlefield 4 campaign typically takes players around 7 to 10 hours. This timeframe can vary significantly based on the difficulty level chosen and the player’s experience with first-person shooter games. Players who take their time to explore and engage with all the content, including audio logs and collectibles, might find themselves on the longer end of this estimate.

Are there multiple endings to the Battlefield 4 campaign?

Yes, Battlefield 4’s campaign offers multiple endings based on critical decisions made in the final mission, Suez. These decisions revolve around which squad member you choose to support in the climax of the story. Each choice leads to a different outcome, providing some replay value for players interested in exploring all narrative possibilities.

Can you play the Battlefield 4 campaign in co-op mode?

Despite its focus on squad-based action, the campaign of Battlefield 4 is designed as a single-player experience and does not support co-op play. The multiplayer mode, however, offers plenty of opportunities for cooperative play, with a wide range of modes catering to various team-based strategies and preferences.

What difficulty levels are available in the Battlefield 4 campaign, and how do they affect gameplay?

Battlefield 4 offers four difficulty levels for its campaign: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hardcore. The difficulty level affects enemy AI behavior, damage taken by the player, the number of checkpoints, and the helpfulness of UI elements (such as the visibility of the HUD). Higher difficulty levels provide a more challenging and realistic experience but can be frustrating for less experienced players.

Are there vehicles you can control in the Battlefield 4 campaign?

Yes, the Battlefield 4 campaign includes several missions where players can control vehicles, such as tanks, boats, and even helicopters. These segments add variety to the gameplay, allowing players to engage in high-speed chases, navigate through dangerous waters, or provide air support to ground troops, deepening the immersion and tactical options available.

What is the best strategy for completing the Battlefield 4 campaign on Hardcore difficulty?

Completing the campaign on Hardcore difficulty requires patience, careful planning, and a solid understanding of the game’s mechanics. Players should use cover effectively, conserve ammunition, and prioritize targets to stay alive. It’s also beneficial to familiarize oneself with each mission’s layout and enemy spawns. Additionally, mastering all weapon types and making strategic use of the squad commands can turn the tide of difficult encounters.

How does the Battlefield 4 campaign tie into the multiplayer experience?

While the Battlefield 4 campaign serves as its standalone narrative experience, it also introduces players to the game’s mechanics, weapons, and vehicles that feature prominently in multiplayer. Certain weapons and equipment can only be unlocked for multiplayer use by completing campaign missions and finding collectibles. This encourages players to dive into the single-player mode, even if they primarily play Battlefield 4 for its multiplayer component.

Are there collectibles in the Battlefield 4 campaign, and what is their purpose?

Yes, the Battlefield 4 campaign is sprinkled with collectibles, including unique weapons and dog tags. Collecting these items not only adds to the game’s completion but also unlocks additional weapons for use in the multiplayer mode. This inclusion adds an exploration aspect to the campaign, rewarding players who take the time to search every corner of each mission.

What are the main themes explored in the Battlefield 4 campaign?

The Battlefield 4 campaign delves into themes of camaraderie, sacrifice, and the moral complexities of warfare. It explores the consequences of global power struggles, the cost of loyalty, and the impact of individual decisions on a larger scale. Through the eyes of Sgt. Daniel Recker and the members of Tombstone squad, players experience the personal side of war, adding depth to the game’s action-packed narrative.

With its blend of thrilling combat, strategic depth, and a compelling narrative, the Battlefield 4 campaign offers a memorable single-player experience. Whether you’re navigating the treacherous waters of the South China Sea or fighting through the rubble of Tashgar, each mission adds a piece to the intricate puzzle that is Battlefield 4’s campaign.


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