Top Tier Classes in Black Desert Mobile: A 2023 Guide

Top Tier Classes in Black Desert Mobile: A 2023 Guide

Black Desert Mobile (BDM) is known for its expansive world, intricate combat system, and dynamic character customization options. Choosing the right class can significantly affect your gameplay experience, as each class offers unique abilities, playstyles, and roles in both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) encounters. In 2023, the meta has seen shifts and changes with the introduction of new classes and balance updates. This guide will dive into the top tier classes in Black Desert Mobile, spotlighting their strengths and capabilities to help you make an informed choice for your adventures.

Hashashin – The Desert Warrior

The Hashashin wields the power of the sands with exceptional prowess. Specializing in ambush and mobility, this class can navigate the battlefield with ease, engaging enemies at the opportune moment. Their ability to summon sandstorms for both attack and defense makes them versatile combatants in PvE and formidable opponents in PvP. The Hashashin’s agility and unique abilities enable players to execute complex strategies, making them a top-tier choice for those who prefer a dynamic and fast-paced combat style.

Paladin – The Divine Protector

Paladins stand at the forefront of battle, shielding allies with their divine powers while wielding a sword and shield. Their balanced approach to offense and defense allows them to sustain themselves through tough encounters, making them indispensable in group content. With skills that can heal and buff, the Paladin is a beacon of hope on any battlefield, ensuring their team remains standing through even the most challenging situations. Their resilience and support capabilities make them a high-tier class for both PvE content, like raids and dungeons, and PvP arenas, where they can turn the tide of battle.

Phantasma – The Shadow Assassin

Embracing the dark arts, the Phantasma is a class that excels in dealing devastating damage from the shadows. With her dual-blades and the ability to manipulate darkness, she can unleash a flurry of attacks that can overwhelm enemies before they even have a chance to react. The Phantasma is particularly effective in PvE, where her AoE (Area of Effect) abilities make her excel at clearing large groups of enemies efficiently. In PvP, her mobility and burst damage potential allow her to target and eliminate key opponents swiftly, making her a top-tier choice for players who prefer a stealthy, assassin-like playstyle.

Archmage – The Elemental Force

Wielding the raw power of fire and ice, the Archmage commands the battlefield with her unrivaled elemental magic. This class can deal massive AoE damage, control crowds with freezes and slows, and even teleport short distances to evade danger. The Archmage’s potent combination of high damage and utility makes her an exceptional choice for PvE content, where clearing mobs and bosses efficiently is key. Meanwhile, in PvP, her ability to control the space and deliver powerful spells from a distance makes her a formidable adversary.

Berserker – The Frenzied Warrior

True to their name, Berserkers enter a battlefield with one goal: to annihilate their foes with brute force. Armed with dual axes, this class thrives in the heart of combat, dealing devastating blows and absorbing hits thanks to their high health and defense. Berserkers have a unique mechanic that allows them to become more powerful as their health decreases, making them deadly adversaries in prolonged fights. Their prowess in PvE is unmatched when it comes to tanking and dealing AoE damage, while in PvP, they can sustain themselves and disrupt enemy lines, making them a top-tier choice for those who prefer a more direct and ferocious approach to combat.


What factors should I consider when choosing a class in Black Desert Mobile?

Choosing a class in Black Desert Mobile is a critical decision that can shape your gameplay experience. Consider your preferred playstyle (melee, ranged, magic), the role you want to play in groups (DPS, tank, support), and how a class performs in PvE and PvP content. Additionally, think about the class’s mobility, its learning curve, and how enjoyable its playstyle is to you personally. Researching and watching class gameplay videos can also provide valuable insights into how a class feels in action.

Can I change my class in Black Desert Mobile if I don’t like my initial choice?

Yes, Black Desert Mobile offers a class change mechanic allowing players to switch their character’s class without starting over from scratch. This feature can be accessed through the in-game shop, but it requires the purchase of a Class Change Coupon, which can be bought with real money or earned through events. It’s important to note that while this allows you to retain your character’s progression, some class-specific items and skills will be reset or changed to match your new class. Always consider trying out different classes before making a final decision to make the most of your resources.

How does the balance between PvE and PvP affect class ranking in Black Desert Mobile?

The balance between PvE and PvP play a significant role in determining a class’s overall ranking and viability in Black Desert Mobile. Some classes may excel in PvE content, such as dungeons and world bosses, due to their high damage output and AoE abilities, making them great for farming and raids. However, the same class might struggle in PvP settings if they lack mobility or survivability. Similarly, a class designed for PvP may have impressive crowd control and dueling capabilities but might fall short in PvE due to lower AoE damage or sustain. Therefore, when ranking classes, it’s essential to consider how well they perform across all aspects of the game, their utility in group settings, and their potential in solo play.

What updates or changes have significantly affected class rankings in Black Desert Mobile?

Class rankings in Black Desert Mobile can be significantly affected by various updates or changes, such as balance patches, the introduction of new classes, and adjustments to game mechanics or content difficulty. Balance patches, which may buff or nerf certain skills, can shift the meta, making previously underpowered classes more competitive or reducing the dominance of others. The addition of new classes introduces fresh playstyles and abilities into the mix, potentially reshaping the PvP and PvE landscapes. Moreover, changes to the difficulty of dungeons, bosses, or PvP arenas can influence the demand for specific classes or roles, highlighting the need for continuous adaptation and reevaluation of class rankings.

How do seasonal events and updates in Black Desert Mobile impact class performance and player choice?

Seasonal events and updates in Black Desert Mobile can have a significant impact on class performance and influence player choice. Events might introduce new gear, artifacts, or buffs that can temporarily enhance certain classes more than others, altering their effectiveness in PvE and PvP. Additionally, updates that come with new content, such as dungeons, raids, or battlegrounds designed with specific mechanics, can make some classes indispensable or particularly well-suited for those challenges. These dynamics encourage players to experiment with different classes and can lead to shifts in the popularity and perceived strength of classes based on the current event or content update.

What resources are available for players looking to delve deeper into mastering their chosen class in Black Desert Mobile?

For players committed to mastering their chosen class in Black Desert Mobile, numerous resources are available to enhance understanding and performance. Official forums and the game’s website often post updates, guides, and patch notes that can provide insight into class changes and strategies. Community-driven platforms, such as Reddit, Discord servers, and fan sites, offer a wealth of knowledge, including detailed class guides, build recommendations, and discussions on optimum playstyles. YouTube and Twitch also serve as invaluable resources, with many content creators dedicated to Black Desert Mobile providing class-specific tutorials, gameplay tips, and live streams that can demonstrate advanced tactics and strategies in action.


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