How to Change Servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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How to Change Servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a popular mobile game that combines kingdom-building and RPG elements, allowing players to embark on epic adventures while managing their very own kingdom of delightful cookie characters. One of the game’s features includes the ability to play on different servers, which might be necessary for various reasons, including playing with friends who are on another server or seeking a fresh start. Changing servers, however, is not as straightforward as it might seem and comes with certain considerations. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of changing servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom and address some FAQs.

Understanding Servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Before delving into how to change servers, it’s important to understand what servers are in the context of Cookie Run: Kingdom. Servers are essentially separate game worlds, with their own set of players, kingdoms, and progress. Choosing a server can significantly impact your gameplay experience, influencing the people you play with and compete against. For instance, servers may have different competitive landscapes or community vibes. Additionally, servers are usually region-based to optimize performance and reduce lag, so choosing a server close to your physical location is generally advisable.

How to Change Servers

Step 1: Back Up Your Progress

The first and most crucial step before changing servers is to ensure that your current game progress is backed up. Cookie Run: Kingdom allows you to save your game data by linking your account to a social media account or email. Make sure this is done to avoid losing your progress. Without this backup, moving to a new server will mean starting entirely from scratch.

Step 2: Accessing the Server Change Option

Once your progress is secured, access the settings menu within the game. From there, look for the Account or Server option. The terminology may vary depending on the game’s updates. This section provides information about your current server and the option to switch servers.

Step 3: Choosing a New Server

In the server menu, you’ll see a list of available servers, usually organized by regions or languages. It’s crucial to carefully select a new server, considering your location and where your friends are playing if looking to join them. Remember, the decision doesn’t just affect the game’s performance; it can also affect your social experience within the game.

Step 4: Transfer and Restart

After selecting your new server, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transfer. It’s essential to note that while your account details, such as purchases, might transfer over, your in-game progress may not. This means you might have to start your adventure afresh on the new server, depending on the game’s current policies.

Considerations and Limitations

Changing servers isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Here are some key considerations:

  • Lost Progress: There’s a significant possibility of losing in-game progress when you swap servers, so weigh the reasons for the change carefully.
  • Community and Competition: Different servers can have vastly different player communities and competitive environments. Research or ask about these aspects on forums or social media to make an informed choice.
  • Event Timing: Servers may have events running at different times or offer exclusive events. Consider how this might affect your enjoyment and access to content.
  • Data Cost: Ensure that any data linked to your account, such as purchases or achievements, will be preserved or understand what might be lost in the change.

It’s also worth mentioning that the game’s developers might change how server migration works, so always check the latest updates or community posts for any new information.

FAQs About Changing Servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Will I lose all my progress if I change servers?

Yes, it’s very likely that you will lose your in-game progress, like your kingdom’s development and cookie levels, when changing to a different server. Although your account information and potentially some purchases might remain intact, starting on a new server typically means starting the game over from the beginning. It’s advised to thoroughly consider why you wish to change servers and whether it’s worth losing progress.

Can I play with friends on a different server without changing servers?

Unfortunately, playing directly with friends who are on a different server is not possible in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Inter-server play is not supported, meaning you cannot join guilds, participate in PvP, or engage in other social activities with players outside your server. To play with friends, you would need to be on the same server.

Are there any limitations on which server I can choose to move to?

Limits on server choice can depend on various factors, including your location and the server’s capacity. Generally, the game allows you to select from any of the available servers, but certain servers may be recommended based on your geographic location to ensure optimal gameplay experience. Additionally, servers that are full or designated for specific regions might not be available for new players or transfers.

Do I need to pay to change servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

As of the latest updates, Cookie Run: Kingdom does not require players to pay a fee to change servers. However, be aware that the game’s policies can change, and certain processes or features might become premium in the future. Always check the most recent game updates or official announcements for accurate information.

How can I ensure I don’t lose my purchased items when changing servers?

To safeguard your purchases, ensure your game account is linked to a Google, Apple, or any supported account before attempting to change servers. This linkage typically preserves purchases and certain account-related data across servers. However, specifics can vary, so review the game’s FAQ or support section to understand exactly what information is retained during a server change. It’s also wise to take screenshots or have a record of your purchases as proof, should any discrepancies arise post-transfer.

What should I do if I encounter issues while changing servers?

If you experience problems during the server change process, the first step is to verify your network connection and retry. If issues persist, contact Cookie Run: Kingdom’s customer support through the game’s settings menu or official website. Provide them with detailed information about the issue, including any error messages, your current and intended servers, and steps you’ve taken so far. Supporting screenshots can also help expedite the resolution process.

Can I move my character or kingdom name to the new server?

While your account username might remain the same across servers, there’s no guarantee that your kingdom name or character names can be transferred due to the potential for duplicates. When changing servers, be prepared to possibly select new names if your current ones are already taken on the new server. This ensures each player’s identifiers are unique within each game world.

Is it possible to revert back to my original server after changing?

Yes, you can move back to your original server or to any other server following the same process outlined for changing servers. However, the same considerations apply, including the loss of in-game progress on the new server and the potential for starting over. Reflect carefully on your reasons for moving between servers to avoid unnecessary loss of progress and effort.

Are events and updates the same across all servers?

While Cookie Run: Kingdom strives to maintain consistency across servers concerning events and updates, there might be variations in timing or availability due to regional differences or specific server settings. Certain events might start earlier or be exclusive to specific servers, and updates may roll out in waves. Keeping an eye on official announcements or the game’s community channels can help you stay informed about these differences.

Changing servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom can open up new experiences and opportunities to play with friends, but it comes with its set of challenges and considerations. By carefully weighing these factors and preparing adequately, you can ensure a smooth transition to a new server and continue enjoying the adventures and kingdom-building the game offers.


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