How to Change Server in Kingdom Guard

How to Change Server in Kingdom Guard

Kingdom Guard is a popular mobile strategy game that combines tower defense mechanics with RPG elements, allowing players to build armies, defend their territories, and conquer new lands. With its engaging gameplay and social features, players often find themselves seeking to join friends on different servers or simply looking for a fresh start. Changing servers in Kingdom Guard, however, isn’t straightforward and involves a few steps and considerations. This guide will walk you through the process of changing servers, ensuring a smooth transition for your gaming experience.

Understanding the Basics

Before delving into the specifics of how to change servers, it’s important to understand the game’s server structure. Kingdom Guard servers are essentially independent game worlds, each hosting a separate instance of the game. Servers can vary in age, competitive landscape, and active player community. Choosing the right server is crucial for your gameplay experience, as it will dictate your progress pace, competitiveness, and social interactions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Servers

Step 1: Considering Your Current Progress

Before making a move, assess your current progress. If you’ve invested a significant amount of time and resources into your current server, understand that switching servers means starting from scratch. Kingdom Guard does not allow the transfer of accounts, heroes, resources, or any progress from one server to another.

Step 2: Finding a New Server

Explore available servers by accessing the server selection screen within the game. Look for servers that match your play style and preferences. Consider joining servers where you have friends or perceive an advantage in starting fresh. Pay attention to server launch dates—newer servers might offer a more level playing field for new players.

Step 3: Creating a New Account

Once you’ve chosen a new server, you’ll need to create a new game account specific to that server. This step usually involves logging out of your current account, selecting the new server, and starting a new game. Depending on the platform (iOS, Android, etc.), the specific steps may vary slightly. Ensure you’re logged out from your current server to avoid any account conflicts.

Step 4: Leveraging Early-Game Boosts

Starting on a new server means taking full advantage of early-game boosts and rewards. Participate in server launch events, complete beginner quests, and strategically use resources to quickly climb the ranks in your new server. These early boosts can significantly affect your long-term success and competitiveness on the new server.

Additional Tips for Server Change

  • Join an Active Guild: As soon as you settle in the new server, join an active guild. Being part of a guild can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, offering resources, allies, and extra rewards.
  • Research Server Communities: Some servers may have more active communities than others. Research and consider the community aspect before deciding on a new server.
  • Backup Your Old Account: Before leaving your old server, ensure you have all account details noted somewhere, just in case you decide to return or retrieve any information.

FAQs About Changing Servers in Kingdom Guard

Can I transfer my progress to a new server in Kingdom Guard?

No, Kingdom Guard does not support the transfer of accounts, heroes, or any form of progress between servers. When you decide to change servers, you’ll have to start anew, including progressing through the game from the beginning.

Will I lose my progress on my original server if I switch to a new one?

Your progress on the original server will remain intact even after you start playing on a new server. Kingdom Guard allows you to maintain accounts on different servers simultaneously, but each will operate independently of the others.

How can I choose the best new server for me in Kingdom Guard?

Selecting the best new server involves considering several factors: the server’s age, the competitive landscape, the presence of friends or known communities, and the availability of special events or rewards for new players. Ideally, choose a newer server to avoid a significant competitive disadvantage and look for servers where you can join allies for a better overall experience.

What should I do first after changing to a new server?

Once you’ve changed to a new server, focus on rapidly advancing your initial progress. Complete the beginner quests, participate in any ongoing server launch events, and join an active guild as soon as possible. These steps will help you maximize your early-game resources and establish a strong foundation on the new server.

Can I play on multiple servers at the same time in Kingdom Guard?

Yes, Kingdom Guard allows players to maintain accounts on multiple servers simultaneously. However, each account operates independently regarding progress, resources, and game achievements. You can switch between servers/accounts through the game’s server selection screen.

Is there a way to speed up progress on a new server after switching?

To speed up progress on a new server, leverage any early-game boosts and rewards, stay active to take advantage of time-based resources, and participate in as many events as possible. Efficient resource management and strategic planning are key to gaining a fast start on a new server. Additionally, joining a supportive guild can provide access to shared resources, advice, and cooperative gameplay benefits.

How can I ensure a smooth transition when changing servers?

Ensuring a smooth transition involves planning ahead, choosing the right server, quickly adapting to the new server environment, and actively engaging in the community and events. Document or remember important information from your old account, and thoroughly research potential new servers to find the best fit for your playing style and goals.

What are the main reasons players change servers in Kingdom Guard?

Players may change servers for several reasons, including seeking a fresh start, joining friends or a more active community, exploring different competitive environments, or simply seeking new challenges and experiences. Changing servers can reinvigorate the gaming experience for those who feel stagnated or at a significant disadvantage on their current server.

Are there any drawbacks to changing servers in Kingdom Guard?

The main drawback of changing servers in Kingdom Guard is the need to start over from the beginning, losing all progress, resources, and characters you may have developed on your original server. This reset can be daunting, especially for those who have invested significant time and potentially resources into their accounts.

Changing servers in Kingdom Guard is a significant decision that comes with both opportunities and challenges. By carefully considering your options, preparing for a fresh start, and actively engaging in your new server’s community and events, you can ensure a successful transition and a rejuvenated gameplay experience. Whether you’re seeking new allies, fresh competition, or simply a new beginning, changing servers can offer a world of new possibilities in the Kingdom Guard universe.


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