2019 Coin Master Events: A Complete Guide

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2019 Coin Master Events: A Complete Guide

In 2019, Coin Master became one of the most engaging mobile games, captivating millions of players worldwide. One of the secrets behind its immense popularity lies in its dynamic event structure, which offers players new challenges and rewards on a regular basis. These events not only keep the gameplay fresh and exciting but also provide opportunities for players to win spins, coins, and other exclusive items. This comprehensive guide dives into the various events that graced the Coin Master universe in 2019, offering insights and tips on how to make the most of them.

Types of Events in Coin Master (2019)

The year 2019 saw a wide variety of events in Coin Master, each designed to test the skills and luck of players in different ways. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable ones:

Attack Madness

One of the staple events in Coin Master, Attack Madness, rewards players for attacking the villages of other players. The more attacks performed, the more rewards can be unlocked. Rewards scale up with the number of attacks, providing substantial incentives to participate actively in these events.

Raid Madness

Similar to Attack Madness but focused on raids, Raid Madness encourages players to raid other players’ villages for rewards. This event is particularly lucrative for players looking to stock up on coins, as successful raids yield substantial coin rewards alongside event-specific prizes.

Village Master

Completing a village in Coin Master is always a rewarding experience, but the Village Master event makes it even more so. During these events, completing a village unlocks exclusive rewards, which can include anything from spins and coins to rare cards.

Set Blast

The Set Blast event is a dream come true for players looking to complete their card collections. During this event, completing card sets yields extra rewards, making it an optimal time to trade cards with friends and push for those elusive sets.

Bet Blast

Bet Blast allows players to increase their bet multipliers without the usual limits, thereby amplifying potential rewards from spins, attacks, and raids. This event is a favorite among high-risk, high-reward players.

Gold Card Trade

Gold Card Trade events unlock the ability for players to trade gold cards with their friends, a feature that is normally restricted. These events are crucial for completing card collections, as gold cards are typically among the hardest to find.

Strategies for Maximizing Event Rewards

Participating in events is one thing, but optimizing your strategy to maximize rewards requires planning and foresight. Here are some tips for getting the most out of Coin Master events:

  • Save Your Spins: Before an event starts, try to save as many spins as possible. Having a large stash of spins allows you to participate more actively in events like Attack Madness and Raid Madness.
  • Join Coin Master Communities: Joining communities on platforms like Reddit or Facebook can provide valuable insights into upcoming events, allowing you to prepare in advance. These communities also facilitate card trading, which can be especially beneficial during Set Blast and Gold Card Trade events.
  • Plan Your Upgrades: During Village Master events, plan which buildings to upgrade and ensure you have enough resources to complete a village. This planning can help you secure the top rewards more efficiently.
  • Manage Your Bets Wisely: In Bet Blast events, increasing your bet can significantly boost your rewards. However, it’s essential to manage your bets wisely to avoid running out of spins prematurely.

By following these strategies, you can improve your chances of securing the top prizes in each event, enhancing your overall Coin Master experience.

FAQs about Coin Master Events

How often do events occur in Coin Master?

Events in Coin Master occur very frequently, often with multiple events happening simultaneously. While the exact schedule can vary, players can usually expect new events every couple of days, ensuring there’s always something new to look forward to in the game.

Can I participate in multiple events at the same time?

Yes, it’s common for several events to overlap in Coin Master, allowing players to participate in multiple events simultaneously. This design encourages players to play more actively, as they can progress in several events with their actions.

Are event rewards worth the effort?

Absolute. The rewards from events can significantly accelerate your progress in Coin Master. By participating in events, players can earn spins, coins, XP, pet food, and other valuable items that can help build and fortify villages, complete card collections, and advance through the game faster.

How can I stay updated on upcoming events?

The best way to stay informed about upcoming Coin Master events is by following the official Coin Master social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, joining Coin Master communities, as mentioned earlier, can also provide insights into future events and updates.

What should I do if I encounter issues during an event?

If you encounter any issues during a Coin Master event, such as missing rewards or technical glitches, it’s recommended to contact the support team through the game’s settings menu. Providing screenshots and detailed information about the issue can help the support team resolve it more efficiently.

Can I complete events without making any purchases?

Yes, it is possible to complete events in Coin Master without making any in-game purchases. While purchasing additional spins or resources can make some events easier, strategic play, effective resource management, and active participation can often compensate for the lack of purchases.

Are there any tips for trading cards during Set Blast events?

During Set Blast events, joining a Coin Master trading group can be highly beneficial. Be ready to trade duplicates of lesser value for the cards you need, capitalize on the higher rewards for completing sets during the event, and always double-check the cards you’re trading to avoid accidentally giving away a card you need.

How can I maximize my rewards from Raid Madness events?

To maximize your rewards from Raid Madness events, it’s crucial to save your spins for these events and use them strategically to conduct as many raids as possible. Additionally, increasing your bet when you have a high number of spins can also increase the rewards from each successful raid.

What’s the best strategy for Attack Madness events?

The best strategy for thriving in Attack Madness events is to accumulate a large number of spins before the event begins. Like Raid Madness, consider increasing your bet if you can afford to without depleting your spins too quickly. This way, each attack will yield higher rewards and help you progress through the event tiers more rapidly.

By understanding the dynamics of each event and applying strategic planning, players of Coin Master can significantly enhance their gaming experience, reaping the maximum rewards that these events have to offer. As 2019 demonstrated, Coin Master is a game that rewards those who engage deeply with its events and community, providing rich and varied gameplay experiences that keep players coming back for more.


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