Stardew Valley Expanded Guide: Overview of Shippable Collections Items (SVE)

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Stardew Valley Expanded Guide: Overview of Shippable Collections Items (SVE)

Stardew Valley is a game that has captured the hearts of many with its charming farm-life simulation, blending aspects of crop farming, animal husbandry, fishing, mining, and socializing into a serene and engaging experience. The Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) mod elevates this experience further by adding new content, characters, and areas to explore, making the game feel even more vibrant and expansive. Among the new additions are shippable collections items, a feature that adds depth to the shipping aspect of the game and provides players with new goals to achieve.

What Are Shippable Collections Items?

In Stardew Valley, the shipping bin is where players can sell their farm produce, foraged items, fish, and artisan goods at the end of the day in exchange for gold. Shippable collections items in the SVE mod refer to a variety of new items that players can find, grow, or craft and then sell via the shipping bin. These items are part of a broader collections system that tracks the players’ progress in shipping different kinds of goods, adding an additional layer of achievement and reward to the game.

The Importance of Shippable Collections

The expanded shippable collections in Stardew Valley provide players with several benefits. Firstly, these collections offer new goals for players to strive towards, encouraging exploration of the game’s expanded world and the use of new farming techniques and crafting recipes. Secondly, completing these collections can offer substantial monetary rewards and sometimes unlock special items or events that further enrich the game’s story and gameplay. Lastly, for completionists, these collections present a challenging yet enjoyable task, contributing to the overall replayability and satisfaction of the game.

Types of Shippable Collections Items in SVE

The SVE mod introduces a wide range of shippable collections items, many of which are integrated seamlessly into the game’s existing systems. These can be categorized into several types:

  • New Crops and Forageables: SVE adds new crops and wild forageables to the game, each with its own growth conditions and seasons. Players can discover these across the expanded map, providing fresh farming and foraging challenges.
  • Artisan Goods: With new crops and resources come new artisan goods. These can range from jams, wines, and cheeses made with new ingredients to entirely novel artisan products.
  • Fish and Fishing Items: The mod also expands the fishing system, introducing new fish species and fishing tackle. These new catches contribute to the shippable collections and encourage players to explore new fishing spots around the valley.
  • Minerals and Artifacts: While not traditionally shippable in the base game, SVE adds certain minerals and artifacts to the collections list, incentivizing exploration of the expanded mining areas.
  • Monster Loot: The mod introduces new monsters and, consequently, new loot. This loot can be shipped as part of a collection, giving players a reason to brave the dangers of the expanded combat areas.

Each of these categories enriches the game by providing new activities and rewards. The introduction of new shippable items encourages players to diversify their farming operations, explore every nook and cranny of the expanded world, and engage more deeply with the game’s systems.


How can I access the SVE mod for Stardew Valley?

To access the Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) mod, players first need to ensure they have Stardew Valley installed. Then, they can download SVE from NexusMods or a similar mod site. It’s crucial to also download and install the latest version of the SMAPI (Stardew Modding API) because SVE, like most Stardew Valley mods, relies on SMAPI to function properly. Detailed installation instructions are usually provided on the mod download page, ensuring players can install the mod without issues.

What makes the SVE mod different from the base game of Stardew Valley?

The SVE mod differentiates itself from the base game of Stardew Valley by expanding virtually every aspect of the game. This includes adding new areas to explore, new NPCs with their own backstories and heart events, new farm maps, additional crops and artisan goods, and expanded shippable collections, among other features. The mod is designed to feel like a natural extension of the original game, enhancing the experience without detracting from the charm and gameplay mechanics that fans love. The richness of the content and the attention to detail in its integration into the base game make SVE a favorite among players looking for a deeper and more varied Stardew Valley experience.

Can completing shippable collections in SVE unlock special events or items?

Yes, completing certain shippable collections in Stardew Valley Expanded can unlock special events or items. These rewards are designed to enhance the sense of achievement and exploration in the game. For example, shipping a complete set of new crops might unlock a unique crafting recipe or a special tool upgrade. The mod creators have carefully balanced these rewards to ensure they feel both rewarding and in line with the expanded content’s lore. It’s worth noting that details about specific rewards are often discovered by the community, as the mod is regularly updated with new content and surprises.

Are there any tips for efficiently completing the shippable collections in SVE?

Completing the shippable collections in Stardew Valley Expanded efficiently requires a bit of strategy and planning. One tip is to prioritize planting a variety of crops each season, including the new ones introduced by SVE, to ensure a steady progress in the collections year-round. Players should also make it a point to explore the expanded areas frequently, as many of the new forageables and fish are located in specific parts of the map. Keeping a well-stocked supply of crafted items, such as fishing bait and farm fertilizers, can help maximize the yield of each season. Finally, engaging with the community, either through forums or the Stardew Valley subreddit, can provide valuable insights and tips from other players who are also working on completing their collections.

How does the SVE mod impact the game’s balance?

The Stardew Valley Expanded mod impacts the game’s balance by introducing new elements that both extend and deepen gameplay. The mod developers have taken great care to integrate new content in a way that complements the base game, ensuring that nothing feels too easy or overly challenging. New crops, for example, have been balanced with growth times and selling prices that fit within the game’s existing economy. Similarly, the expanded areas and additional monsters provide new challenges and rewards that are in line with the player’s progression. Despite these additions, the core of Stardew Valley’s gameplay remains intact, meaning players won’t find the game’s fundamental challenge radically altered. However, they will enjoy a broader and more varied experience that can adjust the strategy and approach to their farm and exploration.

How often does the SVE mod receive updates?

The Stardew Valley Expanded mod is actively maintained and receives updates regularly. These updates can include bug fixes, balance adjustments, and occasionally, entirely new content such as additional NPCs, areas, and items. The frequency of updates can vary, often coinciding with major updates to the base game of Stardew Valley, to ensure compatibility and integration. Mod creators usually announce updates on platforms like NexusMods and may share teasers for upcoming features on social media or the Stardew Valley modding community forums. Players looking to stay up-to-date with the latest SVE content are encouraged to follow these channels and regularly check for mod updates.

Can I use other mods alongside SVE?

Yes, players can use other mods alongside Stardew Valley Expanded, but with some considerations. Compatibility is key when mixing mods, as not all mods are designed to work together seamlessly. The SVE mod itself is compatible with a wide range of popular Stardew Valley mods, thanks to the efforts of its developers and the wider modding community. However, it’s essential to read through mod descriptions and compatibility notes before installation. Some mods may require specific versions or adjustments to work alongside SVE. A helpful resource for mod compatibility is the Stardew Valley Modding community forums and the NexusMods page comments, where players and modders often share their experiences and advice on using multiple mods together effectively.

What do I do if I encounter a bug or issue with SVE?

If you encounter a bug or issue with Stardew Valley Expanded, the first step is to check if you’re running the latest version of the mod and SMAPI, as updates often fix known issues. If the problem persists, the SVE modding team encourages players to report bugs through their official channels, such as the NexusMods comment section or dedicated forums. When reporting a bug, providing detailed information, including what you were doing when the issue occurred, error messages, and screenshots, can be incredibly helpful in diagnosing and resolving the problem. The SVE community is active and supportive, and both other players and the mod developers are generally quick to assist with troubleshooting.

Stardew Valley Expanded breathes new life into the beloved world of Stardew Valley, offering players new challenges, stories, and items to discover. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or new to the valley, the SVE mod provides a rich and rewarding experience that expands upon the charm and depth of the original game.


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