Exploring Cooking Fever Game: A Guide to Cooking Machines

Detailed illustration of a chef using a variety of cooking machines in a bustling kitchen, showcasing gameplay elements from Cooking Fever game.

Exploring Cooking Fever: A Guide to Cooking Machines

Cooking Fever is an addictive time-management and cooking simulation game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Developed by Nordcurrent, it challenges players to become master chefs, manage their restaurants, and cook delicious meals to satisfy the endless waves of customers. Central to your success in Cooking Fever is the strategic use of cooking machines. These machines are essential for expanding your culinary empire, as they directly influence your ability to prepare a wide array of dishes efficiently. This guide offers an in-depth exploration of the various cooking machines within the game, tips for utilizing them effectively, and insights into how they can elevate your culinary game.

Understanding Cooking Machines

Cooking machines in Cooking Fever are not just tools to cook food; they are the foundation of your kitchen’s productivity and efficiency. From basic grills and baking ovens to more advanced machinery like sushi rollers and pizza ovens, each machine serves a specific purpose and caters to the diverse cuisines featured in the game. Upgrading these machines is crucial for keeping up with the increasing demands of customers and for unlocking new recipes and restaurants.

Key Cooking Machines and Their Uses

Grills and BBQ Stations

Grills and BBQ stations are the backbone of many restaurants, especially in the initial levels. They are used to cook a variety of meats, from burgers to steaks, providing the juicy delights that customers crave. Upgrading these machines will often reduce cooking time or increase the food’s price, offering quicker service and better profits.

Baking Ovens and Confectionery Machines

Aspiring bakers will find the baking ovens and confectionery machines central to their gameplay. From preparing fluffy cakes to crafting exquisite pastries, these machines are essential for sweet-toothed customers. Upgrades can enhance the speed of baking and the number of servings per batch, crucial for the bustling bakeries and dessert shops in the game.

Sushi Rollers and Japanese Cuisine Equipment

For those diving into the intricate world of Japanese cuisine, sushi rollers and related equipment are fundamental. These machines help in swiftly preparing sushi rolls, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies. Upgrading these machines is vital for mastering the art of quick sushi preparation and handling the rush of sushi lovers efficiently.

Pizza Ovens and Italian Cuisine Gear

Fans of Italian cuisine will relish the experience of managing a pizza parlor or Italian restaurant, with pizza ovens at the heart of the operation. Beyond pizzas, these ovens are also used for baking lasagnas, garlic bread, and other Italian specialties. Enhancements to these machines often involve reducing baking time and increasing output, ensuring that your Italian eatery runs smoothly.

Beverage Machines and Drink Dispensers

No restaurant is complete without a range of beverages to complement the meals. From soda machines to coffee makers and cocktail shakers, these devices are indispensable for quenching the thirst of your patrons. Upgrading these machines can lead to faster service and a wider variety of drinks, which help in keeping your customers happy and patient as they wait for their meals.

Strategies for Upgrading Cooking Machines

Understanding when and how to upgrade your cooking machines is a crucial strategy for progressing in Cooking Fever. Initially, focus on upgrading machines that directly impact your serving speed and capacity, such as those that reduce cooking times or increase portion sizes. As you advance, consider the customer flow and menu diversity to prioritize machines that unlock new dishes. Always balance your upgrades with your earnings, ensuring that each investment propels your restaurant towards higher levels of success.

Expanding Your Culinary Empire with Cooking Machines

The judicious use and upgrading of cooking machines in Cooking Fever pave the way for expanding your culinary empire across the globe. Each new restaurant brings its unique set of machines and culinary challenges, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. Mastering the optimal use of cooking machines not only boosts your efficiency but also enhances the joy and satisfaction of serving up culinary masterpieces to your eagerly waiting customers.

FAQs About Cooking Fever: Cooking Machines

What is the best strategy for upgrading cooking machines in Cooking Fever?

The best strategy involves a careful evaluation of your current restaurant’s needs versus the potential benefits of an upgrade. Initially, focus on upgrades that decrease cooking times and increase the food quantity per serving, as these have the most direct impact on your ability to serve customers quickly and effectively. As your revenue increases, incorporate upgrades that unlock new foods and dishes, broadening your menu and attracting more customers. Always balance your investments against your earnings to ensure sustainable growth.

How do I unlock new cooking machines in Cooking Fever?

New cooking machines are typically unlocked by either progressing to new levels within a restaurant or by opening new restaurants altogether. As you satisfy more customers and accumulate enough coins and gems, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock and purchase new cooking machines. Each restaurant comes with its unique set of machines, which can be further upgraded as you progress.

Are there any tips for managing multiple cooking machines simultaneously?

Effective time management and prioritization are key when handling multiple cooking machines. Start by focusing on the dishes with the shortest cooking times to quickly clear some space and serve customers. Use any downtime to prepare ingredients or dishes that can be stored until ordered. It’s also beneficial to memorize the layout of your kitchen to minimize the time spent navigating between machines. Lastly, consider using gems to purchase additional cooking equipment like pans or grills, as they can dramatically improve your serving capacity.

Can I sell or replace a cooking machine in Cooking Fever?

As of the latest updates, you cannot sell or replace a cooking machine in Cooking Fever. Once a machine has been purchased and placed in your restaurant, it remains a permanent fixture. However, you can continuously upgrade your cooking machines to increase their efficiency, serving capacity, or to unlock new dishes. This limitation emphasizes the importance of thoughtful planning and prioritization in upgrading your cooking equipment.

What role do gems play in acquiring and upgrading cooking machines?

Gems are a premium currency in Cooking Fever and play a crucial role in both acquiring new cooking machines and upgrading existing ones. While coins can be used for many upgrades, certain high-level upgrades and some of the most advanced cooking machines can only be purchased with gems. Acquiring gems can be done through gameplay achievements, daily rewards, or in-app purchases. They should be spent judiciously, often saved for upgrades that significantly impact your restaurant’s efficiency or for unlocking unique machines that offer substantial menu expansions.

How important is it to upgrade every cooking machine in a restaurant?

While it’s tempting to upgrade every machine to its maximum level, the importance varies depending on the restaurant’s current needs and the potential return on investment. Prioritize upgrades that directly contribute to faster service, higher customer satisfaction, and increased revenue. Some machines might not require immediate upgrades if they are not bottlenecking your service flow or if other areas need more urgent attention. Consider your restaurant’s overall performance and customer demands to make informed decisions on which machines to upgrade first.

Is there a limit to how many times you can upgrade a cooking machine?

Yes, there is a limit to how many times you can upgrade each cooking machine in Cooking Fever. Each machine has its own set of upgrade levels that enhance its performance, and once you reach the maximum level, that particular machine cannot be upgraded further. The maximum upgrade level varies between machines and is designed to ensure that each restaurant has room for growth and efficiency improvements without making the game unchallenged.

How do limited-time events in Cooking Fever affect cooking machines?

Limited-time events in Cooking Fever often introduce unique challenges and opportunities, including special cooking machines or temporary upgrades to existing equipment. Participating in these events can provide valuable rewards such as gems, coins, and even exclusive machines that are not available through normal gameplay. It’s important to actively engage in these events when they occur, as they can offer a significant boost to your restaurant’s capabilities and provide a fun diversion from the standard game progression.


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