Top Generals in Evony: The Ultimate Guide

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Top Generals in Evony: The Ultimate Guide

In the vast, strategic landscape of Evony, mastering your military might is key to expanding your empire and achieving ultimate glory. The cornerstone of any formidable army is its leaders—Generals—who bring their unique skills, buffs, and specialty troops to the fore. With a plethora of generals to choose from, each with their own strengths and areas of expertise, deciding on whom to invest your resources can be a daunting task. This guide aims to shine a light on the top generals in Evony, helping you to craft an indomitable force that can take on any challenge the game throws at you.

Understanding Generals in Evony

Generals in Evony are more than just figureheads; they are a critical component of your military strategy. Each general comes with specific attributes, including leadership, attack, defense, and politics, which influence their performance and the outcome of battles. Additionally, generals have special abilities and can be assigned to specific tasks such as leading troops into battle, reinforcing a city’s defenses, or overseeing the development of your empire’s infrastructure.

Top Generals for Offense

When it comes to offensive operations, the choice of general can make the difference between a triumphant victory and a devastating defeat. Generals with high attack stats and offensive skills can lead your troops to break through enemy defenses with ease.

Scipio Africanus

Renowned for his incredible offensive capabilities, Scipio Africanus is a must-have for anyone focusing on PvP combat. His skills significantly enhance mounted troop attack and defense, making him an excellent choice for cavalry-focused armies.

Alexander the Great

A legendary general whose name is synonymous with conquest, Alexander excels in leading mixed troops into battle. His ability to boost the attack power of all units makes him versatile and deadly on any battlefield.

Top Generals for Defense

Defending your city and your holdings from attackers is just as crucial as taking the fight to the enemy. Generals with high defense attributes and skills that buff city defenses or troop resilience are vital for any defensive strategy.


As a master of defensive tactics, Elektra shines brightest when safeguarding your city. Her skills bolster the defense of your walls and the troops within them, making her an invaluable asset during sieges.


An epitome of strength and resilience, Leviathan excels in boosting the health and defense of troops, particularly foot soldiers. His presence ensures that your troops can withstand the onslaught of enemy forces longer, giving you a strategic edge.

Top Generals for Gathering and Development

While warfare is a key aspect of Evony, developing your empire’s economy and ensuring a steady resource supply are equally important. Some generals have skills tailored toward improving resource gathering and infrastructure development.


Renowned for her wisdom and foresight, Seondeok is the perfect general for boosting your empire’s resource gathering efforts. Her skills significantly increase the speed and amount of resources collected, making her an essential general for growth and development.

Gaius Marius

Gaius Marius is known for his reforms and is invaluable for empire builders. His abilities to accelerate building and research times ensure that your empire grows at an accelerated pace, keeping you ahead of your rivals.

Cultivating Your Generals

Selecting top generals is just the beginning; cultivating them through leveling up, enhancing their equipment, and strategically allocating their skill points is crucial for maximizing their potential. Participating in various in-game events can provide the necessary items and resources to boost your generals’ growth. Additionally, strategically assigning your generals to roles that match their skills and attributes will amplify your empire’s military and economic prowess.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I acquire top-tier generals in Evony?

To recruit top-tier generals in Evony, players can participate in events, complete specific quests, or use the Tavern feature, where generals can be recruited using in-game currency or items. Special events and lucky draws are also excellent sources for acquiring powerful generals, but they often require patience or investment.

What should I focus on when leveling up my generals in Evony?

When leveling up generals in Evony, focus primarily on enhancing their strongest attributes in line with your strategic needs. For instance, if a general is best suited for offense, leveling up their attack skills and attributes is wise. Additionally, consider the general’s special abilities and how you can maximize their effectiveness through leveling. Equipping them with the right artifacts or equipment that complements their skills is also crucial.

Can I change a general’s specialization in Evony?

While you cannot change a general’s inherent specialization or talents in Evony, you can adapt their role and effectiveness through equipment, skill enhancements, and how you deploy them. For example, a general with strong offensive skills can still be used defensively by equipping them with defensive gear and assigning them to city defense.

How does the general’s politics attribute affect my empire in Evony?

The politics attribute of a general in Evony primarily affects resource production and construction speed within your empire. A higher politics score can significantly speed up building upgrades and increase the efficiency of resource production, making such generals ideal for overseeing the development of your cities and resource sites.

Is it better to concentrate on a few top generals or develop a wider pool of generals in Evony?

While having a few highly developed top-tier generals can give you a strong edge in specific battles or tasks, cultivating a wider pool of generals provides flexibility and strategic depth. It allows you to adapt to various scenarios, whether it’s offensive raids, defense, or resource gathering. A balanced approach, focusing on a core of elite generals while also developing a broader base of specialized generals, is often the most effective strategy.

What role do artifacts play in enhancing a general’s abilities in Evony?

Artifacts significantly enhance a general’s abilities in Evony by providing additional attribute bonuses and special abilities. These bonuses can range from increased attack or defense to faster gathering or construction speeds. Equipping your generals with artifacts that complement their existing skills and roles can drastically improve their performance on the battlefield or in managing your empire.

How can I improve my generals’ effectiveness in battles?

To improve your generals’ effectiveness in battles, focus on upgrading their skills, equipping them with the right artifacts, and ensuring they lead armies suited to their strengths. Training specialized troops that benefit from the general’s unique buffs and using tactical formations to capitalize on enemy weaknesses can also significantly impact your battle outcomes.

What’s the best strategy for using generals during Evony sieges?

The best strategy for using generals during sieges in Evony involves employing a combination of high-attack generals to breach enemy defenses and durable generals to sustain the onslaught. Utilizing generals with siege-specific skills or buffs can also turn the tide of battle. Equally important is the strategic placement and timing of your attacks, leveraging the unique abilities of your generals to exploit the weaknesses in the enemy’s fortifications.

Mastering the art of general management in Evony requires a deep understanding of each general’s capabilities, a strategic mind for their deployment, and a commitment to their development. By focusing on the strengths of your top generals and employing them wisely, you can ensure your empire’s dominance on both the battlefield and the world stage.


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