Understanding Evony: Key Requirements for Upgrading Your Keep

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Understanding Evony: Key Requirements for Upgrading Your Keep

In the expansive world of Evony: The King’s Return, upgrading your Keep is a fundamental aspect of your progression. As the heart of your empire, the Keep not only signifies your power and prestige but also unlocks new capabilities, resources, and units that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. However, leveling up this vital structure is no minor task and requires meticulous planning and resource management. This article will delve into the key requirements for upgrading your Keep, offering insights and strategies to efficiently elevate your stronghold in the world of Evony.

The Basics of Keep Upgrading

The process of upgrading your Keep in Evony involves several core components, each playing a crucial role in your advancement. First and foremost, each level of the Keep demands a specific amount of resources, such as food, wood, stone, and iron, which increases with every upgrade. Beyond resources, construction time is another critical factor, escalating as your Keep reaches higher levels. To successfully upgrade your Keep, you must also ensure that other buildings within your city meet required levels, fostering a balanced development throughout your empire.

Resource Management

Resource management is pivotal in the successful upgrading of your Keep. Amassing the necessary amounts of food, wood, stone, and iron entails a strategic approach to both production and storage. Enhancing your farms, sawmills, quarries, and iron mines, alongside upgrading your warehouses to safeguard your resources from enemy raids, are essential steps. Additionally, participating in events, joining an active alliance, and trading within your alliance can provide alternative avenues to secure the needed supplies for your upgrade.

Time Reduction Strategies

The extensive construction times required for Keep upgrades can be daunting. However, several strategies can be employed to mitigate this. Utilizing speed-up items, which can be obtained through quests, events, and packages, is one of the most effective methods. Moreover, the power of teamwork within an alliance should not be underestimated; alliances can offer help to reduce construction times. Furthermore, focusing on research that decreases building time and acquiring heroes with construction time reduction capabilities are long-term strategies to consider.

Pre-requisite Building Upgrades

One cannot overlook the significance of having other buildings within your city meet specific level requirements before undertaking a Keep upgrade. Buildings such as the Barracks, Academy, and Warehouse, among others, often need to be at certain levels to proceed. This ensures a harmonious development across your empire, preventing an overemphasis on the Keep at the expense of other critical infrastructure. It is advisable to have a comprehensive upgrade plan for your city, prioritizing buildings that are pre-requisites for your next Keep level.

The Role of Research and Heroes

Research and heroes play an integral role in the efficient upgrading of your Keep. Delving into the Academy’s development tree, particularly areas that enhance construction speed, resource production, and storage capacity, can significantly impact your upgrading capabilities. Similarly, scouting for and training heroes with special skills or attributes that reduce construction times or increase resource gathering can be a game-changer in your Keep upgrading strategy.

Planning and Patience

Finally, upgrading your Keep in Evony is a testament to both planning and patience. Due to the escalating requirements and time commitment, a well-thought-out strategy encompassing resource management, city development, and strategic use of heroes and research is crucial. Patience, in tandem with diligent planning, will ensure that you capitalize on every opportunity, whether it be a special event or alliance aid, to expedite your Keep’s upgrade.

FAQs on Upgrading Your Keep in Evony

How do I efficiently gather resources for my Keep upgrade?

To efficiently gather the needed resources for a Keep upgrade in Evony, focus on upgrading and optimizing your resource-generating buildings like farms, sawmills, quarries, and mines. Participate in alliance activities and events that award resources, and make use of trade opportunities within your alliance. Additionally, utilizing your heroes to lead your armies in gathering resources from resource tiles on the map is an effective strategy. Prioritizing research that increases resource production and storage capacity can also provide a significant advantage.

What are the best strategies to reduce construction time for Keep upgrades?

Reducing construction time for Keep upgrades involves a multi-faceted approach. Utilize speed-up items gained from quests, events, and purchased packages to directly decrease construction durations. Engage with your alliance members to offer and receive help in reducing building times. Invest in research that lowers construction time and actively seek out and level up heroes who possess skills to further reduce construction durations. Efficiently managing these aspects can significantly shorten the time required for upgrading your Keep.

How important is it to upgrade other buildings before my Keep?

Upgrading other buildings before your Keep is not only important but often a requirement. Many levels of Keep upgrades require certain buildings within your city to be at a specific level. This requirement ensures a balanced development of your city’s infrastructure. Focusing on a harmonious upgrade path enables the unlocking of new features, units, and abilities that can be crucial for your city’s defense and growth. It prevents an imbalance where the Keep is highly developed while other critical structures lag behind, potentially hindering overall progress.

Can I upgrade my Keep without joining an alliance?

While it is possible to upgrade your Keep without joining an alliance, being part of an active alliance can significantly ease the process. Alliances offer help in reducing construction times, provide crucial resources through alliance gifts, trade, and support activities, and furnish valuable protection against potential adversaries. The collective efforts and benefits of being in an alliance can accelerate your Keep upgrading process and enhance your overall gaming experience.

What role does research play in upgrading my Keep, and which research should I prioritize?

Research plays a critical role in upgrading your Keep by enhancing various aspects of your city’s development that directly and indirectly affect the upgrade process. Prioritize research that reduces construction time, increases resource production and gathering efficiency, and boosts your city’s storage capacity. Additionally, research that reinforces your city’s defenses and troop capacities can be vital for protecting your resources and maintaining stability during the upgrade process. Strategic investment in research can significantly facilitate the upgrading of your Keep and bolster your city’s overall strength.

Are there any tricks to securing more speed-up items for Keep upgrades?

Securing more speed-up items for Keep upgrades involves active participation in the game’s diverse activities. Completing daily quests, engaging in events, and achieving specified milestones can reward you with speed-up items. Additionally, being an active member of an alliance can also provide opportunities to receive these valuable items through alliance gifts and rewards. Purchasing special packages offers another avenue to obtain speed-ups, though it involves real-world expenditure. Keeping an eye on the game’s calendar for special events that generously reward participants with speed-up items is also a wise strategy.

How can I protect my resources from enemy raids while preparing for a Keep upgrade?

Protecting your resources from enemy raids while preparing for a Keep upgrade is crucial. Enhancing your city’s defenses through timely upgrades of walls, towers, and deploying strategic traps can deter potential attackers. Expanding your warehouse capacities ensures a significant portion of your resources is protected from raids. Utilizing peace shields, when anticipating higher vulnerability, such as during resource accumulation or when your army is deployed away, can offer complete protection. Actively participating in your alliance, both for mutual defense and as deterrent strength, adds another layer of security for your resources.

What is the significance of heroes in upgrading the Keep, and how do I optimize their use?

Heroes in Evony possess special skills and attributes that can significantly impact various aspects of your city’s development, including Keep upgrades. Heroes with skills that reduce construction time, increase resource production, or enhance resource gathering efficiency are particularly valuable. Optimize their use by assigning them to lead construction projects, manage resource production buildings, and guide resource gathering missions. Regularly participating in hero recruitment and training events can also help acquire and enhance heroes that contribute to your Keep upgrading strategy.

Upgrading the Keep in Evony is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor that requires thoughtful planning, strategic resource management, and the leveraging of every available advantage, from alliance support to research and heroes. By understanding and applying these strategies, players can efficiently progress through the levels, expanding their empire’s power and influence within the realm of Evony.


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