Upgrading Stables in Evony: A Guide to Requirements

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Upgrading Stables in Evony: A Guide to Requirements

In the rich, strategic landscape of Evony, maintaining and upgrading stables plays a pivotal role in establishing your dominance. Stables are not just a symbol of your military prowess but are crucial for breeding mighty cavalries that can make or break your game strategy. As such, understanding the requirements and benefits of upgrading your stables is fundamental for any lord or lady eager to make their mark in this complex, medieval-themed mobile and browser game. This guide provides an in-depth look at what you need and what benefits you gain from upgrading your stables in Evony.

Understanding the Importance of Stables

Stables in Evony serve a dual purpose. Primarily, they are the breeding grounds for your cavalry units, the fast-moving troops essential for scouting, raiding, and flanking maneuvers during battles. Secondly, upgraded stables offer significant speed boosts to your cavalry units, making them even more formidable in the face of enemy units. Therefore, having well-upgraded stables is a key component in building a well-rounded and efficient army.

The Path to Upgrading Stables

Upgrading your stables in Evony requires a combination of resources, time, and adherence to specific prerequisites. Each level upgrade improves the speed of your cavalry units and potentially unlocks new and more powerful cavalry troops. Here’s a broad overview of what you need to consider when planning to upgrade your stables.


Before you can upgrade your stables, certain prerequisites must be met. These usually include having your Town Hall and Barracks at specific levels. The Town Hall is the heart of your city, and its level often dictates the maximum allowable level for other buildings, including stables. Similarly, your Barracks level can influence which troops you can train, affecting the types of cavalry units available for breeding in the stables. In some cases, you might also need to have other structures, like the Academy, upgraded to certain levels to research necessary technologies for stable upgrades.

Required Resources

Resources are the backbone of any upgrade in Evony. Upgrading stables requires a substantial amount of food, wood, stone, and iron, with the amounts increasing significantly at higher levels. Additionally, gold is necessary for researching the techs in the Academy that further enable stable enhancements. It’s essential to have a robust resource-gathering strategy, including farming and trading, to ensure you have enough materials for upgrades and troop maintenance.

Time Investments

Upgrading buildings in Evony takes time, and stables are no exception. As you progress to higher levels, the time required for each upgrade increases dramatically. This time can be reduced through research, particularly by advancing relevant technologies in the Academy, and by increasing the number of workers. Bonuses from VIP levels, special items, and alliance helps can also significantly reduce upgrade times.

Understanding the Benefits

Each level of stable upgrade not only boosts the speed of your cavalry units but in many instances, also unlocks new types and tiers of cavalry units. These higher-tier units are more effective in battles, embodying higher attack, defense, and load-carrying capacities. A high-level stable can be the difference between victory and defeat in tightly contested battles, making it a crucial element of your military strategy in Evony.

Strategies for Efficient Stable Upgrading

To effectively upgrade your stables, planning is key. Prioritize stable upgrades according to your overall game strategy; focusing on them when you’re leaning heavily on cavalry units for your military campaigns. Balance your resource allocation, ensuring that upgrading your stables doesn’t come at the expense of other critical building upgrades or troop training. Leveraging buffs and help from your alliance can ease both resource strain and upgrade times, making your path to a formidable cavalry force smoother and more efficient.

FAQs on Upgrading Stables in Evony

What benefits do I get from upgrading stables in Evony?

Upgrading your stables in Evony primarily increases the speed at which your cavalry units can move, which is crucial for offensive and defensive operations. Higher stable levels also unlock access to stronger and more capable cavalry units, improving your army’s overall effectiveness. Additionally, certain game achievements and rewards are linked to upgrading such critical infrastructure to specific levels.

What is the optimal strategy for allocating resources towards stable upgrades?

An optimal strategy for allocating resources towards stable upgrades involves maintaining a balance between your city’s economic health and military might. Focus on building a robust economy that can sustain continuous resource requirements for upgrades. Use boosts and alliance help to reduce costs and upgrade times. Prioritize stable upgrades if your gameplay style leans heavily on using cavalry units for raiding and battling.

How can I reduce the time it takes to upgrade my stables?

To reduce the time required for stable upgrades, focus on researching relevant technologies in the Academy that decrease building times. Utilize any administrative or VIP buffs you have at your disposal. Furthermore, soliciting help from alliance members can provide significant reductions in upgrade times. Lastly, special items that directly decrease upgrade times can occasionally be found or earned in the game.

Are there any prerequisites for upgrading stables to the maximum level?

Yes, upgrading stables to the maximum level in Evony requires fulfilling several prerequisites. These usually involve having your Town Hall and Barracks at or near max level. Other conditions may include specific research technologies completed in the Academy, and in some instances, having other military buildings like the Siege Workshop or Archer’s Tower at certain levels. These requirements ensure that stable upgrades are part of a balanced and gradual city development strategy.

Is it worth focusing on stable upgrades early in the game?

Whether focusing on stable upgrades early in the game is worth it depends on your strategic preferences and playstyle. If you intend to rely heavily on cavalry units for early-game raiding and resource gathering, investing in stables can provide a significant advantage. However, it’s essential to balance this with other economic and military development needs to ensure a well-rounded city and army. Consider your long-term strategy and the current demands of your city and military when deciding how early and heavily to invest in stable upgrades.

How do stable upgrades compare in importance to other military buildings?

The importance of stable upgrades in relation to other military buildings largely depends on your strategy and the composition of your army. For players focusing on cavalry units’ mobility and raiding capabilities, stables are critically important. However, if your strategy revolves around infantry or siege units, then buildings like the Barracks or Siege Workshop might take precedence. A balanced approach, however, considers the upgrading of all military buildings to maintain a versatile and responsive army capable of handling various threats and opportunities.

In conclusion, upgrading stables in Evony is a strategic consideration that can significantly impact your military capabilities and overall game progress. Understanding the requirements and efficiently planning your upgrades can enhance your cavalry forces, making them a formidable component of your army. Keep these insights and strategies in mind as you expand your empire and strive for dominance in the game of Evony.


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