Top Sources for Free Eggs in Merge Dragons

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Top Sources for Free Eggs in Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons is a captivating puzzle adventure game that challenges players to heal magical land, harness the power of dragons, solve fun puzzles, and build their camp to grow their dragons. One of the core elements of the game is acquiring dragon eggs, which players can merge to hatch dragons. Obtaining eggs can sometimes be a challenge, especially for those who wish to progress without spending real money. Fortunately, there are several ways to obtain free eggs in the game. Below, we discuss the top sources for free eggs in Merge Dragons.

1. Completing Levels

One of the most straightforward ways to earn free eggs in Merge Dragons is by completing levels. As you progress through the game, each completed level offers you the chance to win rewards, including dragon eggs. Some levels may even guarantee eggs as a reward upon first completion or offer them as potential prizes in level chests. Revisiting completed levels also offers a chance to receive additional eggs, although the rewards may vary with each playthrough.

2. Daily Chests

The game rewards loyal players with daily chests that can contain dragon eggs. These chests become available every 24 hours and can be found in your camp. Opening these chests can yield various rewards, including the much-coveted free eggs. Make sure to log in daily to maximize your chances of receiving eggs and other valuable items to help grow your camp.

3. Dragon Trees

Harvesting from Dragon Trees offers a chance to obtain Ruby Fire Mystery Eggs. These special eggs can hatch into dragons of various types, adding diversity and strength to your dragon army. As Dragon Trees are harvested, they occasionally drop Elderwood, which can be merged into Dragon Tree Leaves. Merging these leaves can eventually result in the spawning of Ruby Fire Mystery Eggs, providing a renewable source of free eggs over time.

4. Events

Merge Dragons frequently hosts special in-game events that provide opportunities to win exclusive rewards, including free dragon eggs. These events can range from weekend quests to special holiday-themed challenges, each with unique objectives and rewards. Participating actively in these events and meeting their specific goals can earn players a variety of eggs to help expand their collection.

5. Kala’s Daily Trade

Kala the Merchant visits your camp every day, offering trades that can sometimes include dragon eggs. While the trades may require you to give up some of your items, this is often a small price to pay for the potential to receive rare or valuable eggs. Keeping a diverse inventory can help ensure you’re always prepared to take advantage of Kala’s daily trade offers.

6. Dragon Stars and Dragon Gems

While not a direct source of free eggs, collecting Dragon Stars and the Dragon Gems they produce can be instrumental in acquiring eggs. Dragon Gems can be used to purchase Dimensional Jars, which appear when you merge certain items, including eggs. Though it requires spending gems, this method can effectively double your egg output from merges, leveraging a resource that can be obtained for free through gameplay.

7. Watching Ads

The game occasionally offers the option to watch advertisements in exchange for rewards, which may include dragon eggs. This method requires a bit of time but is an easy way to accumulate more eggs without needing to spend any real currency or resources from your camp.

Now that we’ve explored the top sources for free eggs in Merge Dragons, you might have more questions about optimizing your gameplay to make the most of these sources. Below are the most frequently asked questions about acquiring free eggs in Merge Dragons.


How can I maximize my egg rewards from completing levels?

To maximize your egg rewards from levels, focus on achieving all the quest goals for each level, as this often results in better rewards. Additionally, explore different strategies for completing levels more efficiently, allowing you to replay them for extra rewards. Some levels are known to be better for farming specific items or eggs, so identifying and focusing on these levels can be beneficial.

Is there a limit to how many daily chests I can open?

Yes, there is a limit. The game typically offers one daily chest every 24 hours. However, during special events or promotions, there might be opportunities to open additional chests or receive extra rewards. Always check the game’s announcements or notifications for information on special events and the potential for more daily chests.

Can I increase the chances of getting eggs from Dragon Trees?

While the chance of obtaining Ruby Fire Mystery Eggs from Dragon Trees feels random, you can increase your overall yield by maximizing the number of trees you have and continuously harvesting from them. Leveling up your Dragon Trees also increases the odds of producing mystery eggs, as higher-level trees tend to offer better rewards. Remember, patience and persistence are key, as the drop rate for eggs can be low.

What types of eggs can I expect to win from events?

The types of eggs available from events can vary widely, ranging from common to rare breeds depending on the specific event. Many events are themed and will offer eggs that are in line with the theme, such as holiday-specific dragons or unique, event-exclusive dragons. It’s beneficial to participate in as many events as possible to not only enjoy the variety but also to collect rare and powerful dragons for your camp.

How can I ensure I have the resources needed for Kala’s daily trades?

To ensure you’re prepared for Kala’s daily trades, it’s wise to maintain a well-stocked camp with a variety of items. Focus on accumulating common items that are frequently requested in trades, such as fruits, flowers, and stones. Avoid quickly selling or merging items that might seem plentiful, as they could be valuable for trades. Additionally, regularly harvesting and merging items in your camp will keep your supplies replenished and ready for trading.

Are there any tips for effectively using Dragon Gems to acquire eggs?

When using Dragon Gems to acquire eggs, it’s important to be strategic. Reserve your gems for purchasing Dimensional Jars for high-value egg merges, rather than on individual egg purchases from the shop. Since gems are a precious resource, consider saving them for rare or special eggs that significantly contribute to your dragon power. Always weigh the cost against the potential benefits, and remember that patience in accumulating the right amount of gems can lead to valuable rewards.

What strategies can I use to ensure I don’t miss out on egg opportunities?

To ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities for free eggs, engage in daily gameplay to access daily chests and Kala’s trade offers. Keep an eye on the game’s announcements for upcoming events and participate actively to gain event-specific eggs. Efficiently manage your camp resources to support Kala’s trades and invest time in farming levels known for egg rewards. Lastly, consider setting reminders for daily chests or event start times to maximize your participation and rewards.


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