Crafting and Using Gasoline in ARK: Survival Evolved

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Crafting and Using Gasoline in ARK: Survival Evolved

As a key component for powering advanced machinery and tools in ARK: Survival Evolved, gasoline plays an indispensable role in the progression and overall gameplay for survivors on the mysterious island. Whether you’re looking to fuel generators to power up your electrical devices, operate industrial equipment, or simply want a reliable source of energy for various gadgets, understanding how to craft and efficiently use gasoline is fundamental. This article provides an in-depth look at how to craft gasoline, its uses, and tips to maximize its utility within the game.

Crafting Gasoline

Crafting gasoline in ARK: Survival Evolved is a straightforward process but requires players to first obtain certain resources and crafting stations. The essential ingredients for making gasoline are Oil and Hide. Players must refine these resources in a Refining Forge, Industrial Forge, or a Magmasaur.

To begin crafting, you will need to collect Oil, which can be found in the ocean, in caves, or by harvesting certain creatures such as Trilobites, Leeches, and Basilosaurus. Hide, on the other hand, is obtained by hunting and skinning dinosaurs and other creatures across the island. Once you’ve gathered enough Oil and Hide, place an equal amount of each into your chosen forge. The crafting process will automatically start, converting these materials into Gasoline after a short duration.

Refining Forge Crafting

In a Refining Forge, the recipe for Gasoline requires placing one unit of Oil and one unit of Hide together. Lighting the forge will commence the crafting process, producing five units of Gasoline per each pair of Oil and Hide after approximately 30 seconds. It’s a basic but essential method for early to mid-game players.

Industrial Forge Crafting

For late-game players, the Industrial Forge offers a more efficient means to produce Gasoline. The process remains the same, but due to the larger size and efficiency of the Industrial Forge, it can process resources at a much faster rate, generating 100 units of Gasoline per minute.

Using a Magmasaur

An alternative, and perhaps the most efficient method of crafting Gasoline, is by utilizing a Magmasaur. This method does not require Hide but instead uses just the Oil. The Magmasaur can smelt Oil into Gasoline directly in its inventory, with one unit of Oil converting to one unit of Gasoline every 20 seconds. This method is excellent for players who have advanced far enough in the game to tame and use a Magmasaur.

Uses of Gasoline

Gasoline’s primary function in ARK: Survival Evolved is as a fuel source for various advanced and industrial-grade machines. Here are some of the key uses:

  • Powering Generators: The Electrical Generator requires Gasoline to provide power to connected electrical devices, such as lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, and turrets.
  • Operating Machines: Advanced crafting stations like the Fabricator, Chemistry Bench, and Industrial Grinder need Gasoline to operate. These machines are crucial for crafting high-level items and resources.
  • Fueling Vehicles: Certain vehicles, including the Motorboat and the Tek Hover Skiff, also require Gasoline to function. These modes of transportation are vital for exploring the map and transporting goods.

Furthermore, Gasoline is also used to craft certain items and as ammunition for the Flamethrower, making it a versatile resource worth stockpiling.

Tips for Using Gasoline Efficiently

Maximizing your fuel efficiency can be crucial, especially in early stages of the game or when resources are scarce. Here are some tips to help you use Gasoline efficiently:

  • Stockpile Resources: Always have a reserve of Oil and Hide to ensure that you can produce Gasoline when needed. Planning is key to avoiding energy shortages.
  • Monitor Consumption: Keep an eye on how much Gasoline your machines and generators consume. Turn off equipment when not in use to conserve fuel.
  • Consider Alternative Power Sources: While Gasoline is essential for many machines, consider using alternative power sources like Wind Turbines or Solar Panels (with mods) where practical to save on Gasoline for more crucial applications.


What is the most efficient way to craft Gasoline?

The most efficient way to craft Gasoline largely depends on your progression in the game. For early to mid-game players, using a Refining Forge is the most accessible option, although it’s relatively slow. Late-game players will find the Industrial Forge to be highly efficient due to its faster processing rate. However, if you have access to a Magmasaur, using it to craft Gasoline can be exceptionally efficient since it requires only Oil and provides a good conversion rate without needing Hide.

How can I find Oil in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Oil can be obtained from several sources across the ARK. It can be harvested in the ocean by mining oil nodes with a Pickaxe, or on land from Oil Rocks in the snow biome and near certain mountain tops. Creatures like Trilobites, Leeches, Basilosaurus, and even some killed Tek creatures drop Oil upon harvesting their bodies. Dung Beetles and the Tek Stryder, once domesticated, can also produce Oil, providing a renewable source of this valuable resource.

Can Gasoline expire or go bad in ARK?

No, Gasoline does not expire or go bad in ARK: Survival Evolved. Once crafted, it will remain in your inventory or storage without degrading over time. This permanence allows players to stockpile Gasoline without worrying about it losing its utility, making it a reliable resource for powering your advanced equipments and machines at any point in the game.

Is there a way to produce Gasoline more quickly?

To produce Gasoline more quickly, consider using multiple Refining Forges or an Industrial Forge if you have access to it. The Industrial Forge crafts Gasoline at a significantly faster rate than the Refining Forge. Additionally, having several forges working simultaneously can dramatically increase your overall production rate. Once you have a Magmasaur, it becomes an extremely efficient method, especially if you focus on feeding it plenty of Oil, as it converts Oil to Gasoline decently fast.

Are there any mods that affect the crafting or use of Gasoline?

Yes, there are several mods in ARK: Survival Evolved that can affect the crafting or use of Gasoline, either by altering its crafting recipe, reducing consumption rates, or even introducing new methods of production and new machinery that runs on alternative fuels. Mods like Structures Plus (S+) and Eco’s Tek Decor have components that can impact how you manage fuel sources, including Gasoline. Before installing mods, it’s important to read their descriptions to understand how they will change your game experience, especially in terms of resource management and technological progression.

What strategies should I employ for managing my Gasoline reserves?

Managing your Gasoline reserves efficiently requires strategic planning and judicious use. First, ensure you have a steady supply of the raw materials needed for Gasoline—Oil and Hide—by establishing a reliable harvesting routine or setting up a farming system for them. Utilize your fuel-consuming machines and vehicles wisely; avoid running them needlessly and always turn off generators when their powered devices are not in use. Investing in fuel-efficient technologies or abilities, if available, can also reduce your overall Gasoline consumption. Additionally, keeping a detailed inventory of your Gasoline stocks can help you plan ahead and avoid running into unexpected shortages.

Can other players steal my Gasoline? How can I prevent this?

In multiplayer servers, other players can indeed steal your Gasoline if they gain access to where you’re storing it. To prevent this, ensure your storage containers or areas are secured within locked structures and employ defensive measures like PIN codes, turrets, and traps to deter thieves. For added security, consider hiding your most valuable resources in discreet locations only you know about. Regularly checking access logs (if available) can help you monitor who is entering your base and accessing your storages, allowing you to identify potential threats and react accordingly.

By understanding the methods of crafting gasoline, its diverse applications, and strategies for efficient use and management, players can enhance their survival experience, enabling them to explore the vast landscapes of ARK: Survival Evolved more freely and power their technological advancements to new heights.


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