How to Unlock Free Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars

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How to Unlock Free Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars, the fast-paced multiplayer battle game from Supercell, entices players with a rich array of characters, or ‘Brawlers’, each boasting unique skills and abilities. Among these, Legendary Brawlers are the most coveted, their rarity making them a prized addition for any player. Unlocking these characters can significantly enhance your gameplay, but their elusive nature often leaves players wondering how to add them to their roster without spending real money. This article delves into strategies and tips that can help you unlock Legendary Brawlers for free in Brawl Stars.

Understanding Legendary Brawlers

Before diving into how to unlock them, it’s essential to understand what makes Legendary Brawlers stand out. These characters are characterized not only by their rarity but also by their unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Their rarity also means that obtaining them is a matter of both strategy and luck.

Maximizing Your Chances Without Spending Money

1. Save Your Gems and Use Them Wisely

Gems are the premium currency in Brawl Stars and are occasionally granted through free means like the Brawl Pass or in-game events. While the temptation to spend gems on skins or other cosmetics might be high, saving them for Mega Brawl Boxes or special offers in the shop that include Legendary Brawlers can be a more effective strategy. Patience and discipline in saving gems can significantly increase your chances of unlocking a Legendary Brawler for free.

2. Complete the Brawl Pass

Every season, Brawl Stars offers a Brawl Pass that includes both free and paid paths, with the paid path requiring gems to unlock. The free path, however, still offers numerous rewards, including boxes, which can contain Brawl Stars characters of any rarity, including Legendary. Completing daily and seasonal quests to progress through the Brawl Pass levels increases your chances of obtaining these coveted brawlers.

3. Take Advantage of Events and Challenges

Supercell often hosts special events and challenges that reward players with boxes, gems, or even direct character unlocks. Participating in every event and challenge increases your opportunities to unlock Legendary Brawlers. These events are not only a great way to showcase your skills but also to work toward adding a Legendary Brawler to your collection.

4. Focus on Increasing Your Trophy Count

Progressing through the ranks in Brawl Stars by increasing your trophy count unlocks Trophy Road rewards. These include a variety of boxes that could potentially contain Legendary Brawlers. Consistently playing and honing your skills to climb the trophy ladder can be a slow but steady method of working towards unlocking Legendary characters.

5. Utilize the Power of Luck

The game employs a luck system whereby every time you fail to get a higher rarity brawler from any box, your chances of getting one increase slightly. While this means that luck plays a significant role, it also ensures that the odds slowly become more favorable over time. Regularly checking your stats in the game will allow you to monitor this luck factor, indicating perhaps the best times to open your accumulated boxes.

Unlocking Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars without spending real money involves a combination of patience, strategic resource management, skillful play, and a bit of luck. While it’s possible to enhance your gameplay through these characters, it’s important to remember the enjoyment of the game should always come first. Now, let’s tackle some frequently asked questions about unlocking Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars to clarify common doubts and provide further insight.

FAQs on Unlocking Free Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars

How does the luck system in Brawl Stars work for unlocking Legendary Brawlers?

The luck system in Brawl Stars incrementally increases your chances of receiving a higher rarity Brawler each time you fail to unlock one from any sort of box. This mechanic ensures that players who do not immediately get rare characters still have a growing chance over time. As you open more boxes without finding a Legendary Brawler, your chance to receive one continues to rise, until eventually, you unlock one, which then resets your luck factor.

Is it possible to track my chances of getting a Legendary Brawler?

Yes, Brawl Stars allows players to track their chances of unlocking a Brawler of each rarity, including Legendary, directly in the game. To check your current odds, go to the Shop, scroll to the right to find a box you can purchase or have earned, then tap on the ‘i’ icon. This menu will display your current probabilities for each Brawler rarity category, allowing you to gauge your chances and perhaps decide when to open your boxes for the best possible outcome.

Can I unlock Legendary Brawlers from any type of box?

Legendary Brawlers can potentially be unlocked from several types of boxes – Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes, and Mega Boxes – with varying odds due to the different box types. Big Boxes offer three times the opportunity compared to the standard Brawl Box, while Mega Boxes offer ten times the chance. This means that saving for and investing in Mega Boxes can potentially increase your chances of unlocking a Legendary Brawler due to the increased number of draws per box.

Does the Brawl Pass guarantee a Legendary Brawler?

While the Brawl Pass greatly increases your chances of unlocking Brawlers due to the sheer volume of Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes, and Mega Boxes you can earn by completing it, there’s no direct guarantee of getting a Legendary Brawler. Nonetheless, the Brawl Pass remains one of the most efficient ways to accumulate resources and brawlers over time, including a significantly increased chance at Legendary Brawlers as you progress and unlock more rewards.

What should I prioritize to maximize my chances of getting a Legendary Brawler?

To maximize your chances of getting a Legendary Brawler, prioritize saving your gems for the Brawl Pass or Mega Boxes, participating in all events and challenges for free boxes and gems, and focusing on completing your Brawl Pass each season. Consistently engaging in these strategies will give you the highest chances of unlocking a Legendary Brawler over time, in addition to enhancing your overall game experience through gameplay improvement and resource accumulation.

Does having fewer unlocked brawlers increase my chances of getting a Legendary one?

Having fewer unlocked Brawlers does not specifically increase your chances of unlocking a Legendary Brawler. The game’s mechanics ensure that your probability of unlocking Brawlers of higher rarities is dependent on the luck factor and the rarity of the character, not the number of Brawlers you have already unlocked. However, having fewer Brawlers means there are more potential unlocks available in your pool, indirectly affecting your overall chances of unlocking any new Brawler, including those of Legendary rarity.

Can participating in community events and tournaments outside the game help me get Legendary Brawlers?

While community events and tournaments mainly offer bragging rights, some may provide in-game rewards, including gems or boxes, as prizes. These can indirectly increase your chances of unlocking Legendary Brawlers by providing you with more resources to use towards opening boxes or purchasing the Brawl Pass. However, these opportunities can be rare and often highly competitive, so while they can be beneficial, they should not be solely relied upon as a method to unlock Legendary characters.

In conclusion, while unlocking free Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars can seem daunting due to their rarity, by strategically managing resources, engaging in all aspects of the game, and understanding the mechanics behind Brawler unlocks, you can significantly increase your chances of adding these powerful characters to your lineup. Remember, the journey towards unlocking a Legendary Brawler should also be fun and rewarding in its own right, reflecting the spirit of gameplay that Brawl Stars aims to offer.


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