Unlocking Rubies in Family Island: A Simple Guide

Unlocking Rubies in Family Island: A Simple Guide

Rubies are a coveted in-game currency in Family Island, a mobile adventure game that immerses players in a time before modern technology, where they are tasked with building a new life on a deserted island. Within this vibrant and dynamic world, rubies function as a premium currency that can significantly accelerate progress, allowing players to expedite construction, complete tasks more swiftly, and enhance the overall gaming experience. However, acquiring rubies can seem challenging, especially for those new to the game. This guide aims to demystify the process of unlocking rubies in Family Island, offering practical strategies that players can use to enrich their gameplay without spending real money.

Participate in Events

One of the most engaging ways to earn rubies in Family Island is by participating in the various events hosted within the game. These events are time-limited and often involve unique tasks or challenges that, when completed, reward players with rubies among other prizes. Every event has its own set of guidelines and rewards, so it’s worth checking the event details as soon as they are available to plan your strategy for maximizing ruby gains.

Complete Daily Quests and Achievements

Family Island offers daily quests and a list of achievements that players can complete to earn rubies. Daily quests provide short-term goals that are refreshed every day, making them a reliable source of rubies for active players. Achievements, on the other hand, are long-term goals that track players’ progress in various aspects of the game, such as the number of tasks completed, levels reached, or resources gathered. Completing these achievements takes time but offers generous ruby rewards, making them a vital target for anyone looking to build up their ruby stash.

Explore the Islands

Exploration is a core aspect of Family Island, and venturing into new territories can be richly rewarding. Some islands contain hidden treasures, including chests filled with rubies. While exploring, pay close attention to any unusual landmarks or objects that could conceal these valuable chests. The more you explore, the more opportunities you have to discover rubies and other precious resources.

Taking Advantage of Level Up Rewards

As players progress through Family Island, leveling up becomes a consistent source of rubies. Each time you reach a new level, you are rewarded with rubies among other items. These rewards increase as you achieve higher levels, so it’s beneficial to focus on activities that grant experience points (XP), such as completing quests, tasks, and upgrading your island’s infrastructure.

Connect with the Community

Family Island has an active community of players who often share tips, strategies, and even opportunities for free rubies. Joining Family Island forums, social media groups, or Discord servers can provide access to this valuable information. Additionally, the game developers sometimes offer rubies through special promotional codes or contests hosted on their official channels, so staying connected with the community can lead to unexpected ruby windfalls.

Making In-App Purchases

While the focus of this guide is on unlocking rubies without spending real money, it’s worth noting that players who are inclined to invest financially in their gaming experience can purchase rubies directly from the in-game store. This method provides an instant boost to your ruby balance, allowing for immediate progress or gratification. However, the strategies outlined above ensure that all players have the potential to enjoy the benefits of rubies regardless of their willingness to spend real money.


How often do new events appear in Family Island, and are they all equally rewarding in terms of rubies?

New events in Family Island are introduced regularly, often coinciding with seasonal holidays or significant updates to the game. The frequency can vary, but players can typically expect new events every few weeks. While not all events offer the same quantity of rubies, they are all designed to be rewarding and provide valuable resources, including rubies, to participants. The key to maximizing rewards is to participate actively and complete as many event tasks as possible.

What’s the best strategy for completing daily quests and achievements to earn rubies?

The best strategy for completing daily quests and achievements in Family Island is to prioritize tasks that align with your current in-game goals. For daily quests, focus on those that can be integrated into your usual gameplay routine, ensuring you can complete them without diverting too much from your progress. For achievements, identify which ones are within reach based on your current level and resources, and set specific goals for achieving them. Balancing between short-term daily quests and long-term achievements will ensure a steady stream of rubies.

Are there any tools or resources outside of the game that can help in finding ruby chests on islands?

While there are no official tools provided by the developers of Family Island for finding ruby chests on islands, the game’s community has filled this gap. Players share their discoveries, tips, and strategies on forums, social media groups, and YouTube videos. These shared experiences can offer insights into where ruby chests are likely to be found and how to access them. Leveraging the collective knowledge of the community can significantly enhance your ability to discover hidden chests and unlock rubies.

Can rubies be gifted between friends in Family Island?

Currently, Family Island does not support the direct gifting of rubies between friends within the game. However, players can support each other in various ways that indirectly help in earning rubies, such as sharing information, providing strategy tips, and helping to complete tasks. Although direct gifting of rubies is not possible, the collaborative nature of the community still plays a significant role in enriching the gameplay experience.

Are there any common mistakes to avoid when trying to earn rubies in Family Island?

A common mistake players make when trying to earn rubies in Family Island is focusing too much on one source of rubies, such as only participating in events or only focusing on daily quests. A diversified approach that includes participating in events, completing daily quests and achievements, exploring islands for hidden treasures, and leveling up your island and character will yield the best results. Additionally, players should avoid wasting rubies on unnecessary or impulsive purchases within the game. Considering each ruby expenditure carefully and saving rubies for essential or high-value uses is crucial for managing your resources effectively.

How do level-up rewards change as you progress in the game, and what impact does that have on ruby earnings?

As you progress in Family Island and reach higher levels, the rewards, including rubies, become more substantial. This increase in rewards reflects the greater challenges and resource requirements associated with advanced levels. The impact on ruby earnings is significant because it means players who invest time and strategy into leveling up can expect to receive more rubies as part of their rewards, which in turn can be used to further accelerate their progress, complete tasks more efficiently, and enhance their overall gaming experience.

Is there a cap on how many rubies you can earn or hold at any given time in Family Island?

There is no official cap on the number of rubies you can earn or hold in Family Island. Players are encouraged to accumulate as many rubies as they can through gameplay. The absence of a cap allows players to save rubies for major upgrades or items without worrying about reaching a limit. This encourages strategic resource management, where players can decide whether to spend their rubies immediately for quick gains or save them for more significant, impactful uses later in the game.

What are the best ways to spend rubies in Family Island to ensure long-term benefit?

Spending rubies in Family Island should be done thoughtfully to ensure long-term benefit. Key areas where rubies can be particularly impactful include speeding up construction projects or crop growth, purchasing essential resources during critical moments, and expanding your island for more space and resources. Additionally, saving rubies for special events or challenges that offer unique rewards can be beneficial. It’s important to balance immediate needs with future goals, using rubies to remove bottlenecks in your progress while also planning for significant, strategic investments that will enhance your island and gameplay in the long run.

By understanding the various ways to unlock and wisely use rubies in Family Island, players can enhance their gaming experience, progress more efficiently, and enjoy the rich, immersive world of the game to its fullest. With the right strategies and a bit of perseverance, the quest for rubies can become an enjoyable part of the adventure.


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