Mastering Tactic Scrolls in Evony: A Beginner’s Guide

Mastering Tactic Scrolls in Evony: A Beginner’s Guide

In the intricate world of Evony, a real-time strategy game that challenges players to build empires through diplomacy, warfare, and resource management, mastering the use of Tactic Scrolls can give you a significant edge over your adversaries. Tactic Scrolls are critical items that enable you to unlock or enhance special abilities for your generals, thereby significantly influencing the outcome of battles and your overall strategy. This beginner’s guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Tactic Scrolls, from acquiring them to utilizing them effectively to strengthen your empire.

Understanding Tactic Scrolls

Tactic Scrolls are unique items in Evony that contain powerful abilities and boosts for your generals. These scrolls vary in terms of rarity and the specific abilities they unlock. The primary function of a Tactic Scroll is to enhance a general’s skills, either by improving an existing skill or by providing a new one. Given their potential to significantly alter the battlefield dynamics, it’s essential to strategically collect and use these scrolls.

Acquiring Tactic Scrolls

Tactic Scrolls can be acquired through various means within the game. Participating in server-wide events, achieving certain milestones, and engaging in battles can yield Tactic Scrolls as rewards. Additionally, they can be bought from the in-game store, either with real money or with resources accumulated during gameplay. It’s important to keep an eye on event notifications and actively participate in them to collect as many scrolls as possible.

Using Tactic Scrolls Effectively

To utilize a Tactic Scroll, you first need to ensure that it is compatible with the general you wish to enhance. Next, navigating through your inventory to apply the scroll is straightforward. However, the strategy comes into play when deciding which scrolls to use with which generals. Some scrolls are best suited for defensive generals while others are designed to amplify the offensive capabilities of your army. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both your generals and the available scrolls is key to maximizing their potential.

Strategies for Maximizing the Impact of Tactic Scrolls

An effective way to maximize the impact of Tactic Scrolls is to match them precisely with your overall game strategy and the roles assigned to each general. For instance, a general leading your defenses would benefit greatly from scrolls that enhance troops’ health or defense capabilities. On the other hand, generals leading attacks could be better served by scrolls that boost attack power or speed. Another strategy is to focus on accumulating scrolls that complement each other, thus creating a synergistic effect that can be devastating to your opponents.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

One common mistake beginners make is using Tactic Scrolls indiscriminately, without a plan for how they fit within their broader strategy. It is crucial to be judicious about where and when you use these scrolls, as wasting them on a poorly thought-out plan can set your progress back significantly. Another mistake is neglecting the balance between offense and defense. Focusing too heavily on one aspect at the expense of the other can leave your empire vulnerable. Lastly, not participating in events or ignoring the acquisition of Tactic Scrolls can severely limit your ability to compete with more advanced players.


Mastering Tactic Scrolls in Evony is a journey that requires attention to detail, strategic planning, and active participation in the game’s ecosystem. By understanding how to acquire, use, and maximize these scrolls, you can significantly enhance your generals’ abilities, giving you a competitive edge in battles and diplomacy. Remember, every scroll counts in the vast, competitive world of Evony, and with the right strategy, you can lead your empire to greatness.

FAQs about Mastering Tactic Scrolls in Evony

How do I know which Tactic Scrolls are best for my generals?

Knowing which Tactic Scrolls to use requires understanding your generals’ roles and strengths. Analyze whether your general is better suited for offense, defense, or support. Scrolls that enhance a general’s inherent strengths or compensate for their weaknesses are generally the best choices. Additionally, considering the advice from veteran players in forums or Evony communities can provide insights into the most effective scroll-generals combinations.

Can Tactic Scrolls be traded or sold to other players?

Within Evony, Tactic Scrolls cannot typically be traded or sold directly to other players. The game’s design focuses on individual achievement and progress, encouraging players to earn their scrolls through participation in events and battles. However, being part of an active alliance can indirectly help you acquire scrolls through alliance-based events and shared achievements.

What’s the best way to acquire rare Tactic Scrolls?

Acquiring rare Tactic Scrolls usually requires participation in special events, particularly those that are challenging and involve higher levels of competition. These events often provide the best rewards, including rare scrolls. Keeping an eye on event calendars and preparing your empire and army for these events is key. Additionally, some rare scrolls might become available in the game’s store, sometimes as part of limited-time offers, so managing your resources to be able to purchase these when they appear is another strategy.

Should I save my Tactic Scrolls for higher-level generals, or use them as I get them?

Whether to save your Tactic Scrolls for higher-level generals or use them as you get them depends on your current strategy and long-term goals. If you’re actively competing and need an immediate boost, using scrolls on your current generals can be beneficial. However, if you’re focusing on building a strong base for future competitiveness, saving particularly powerful scrolls for high-level generals you might acquire later could pay off more in the long run. It’s a balance between immediate needs and future growth.

How often do new types of Tactic Scrolls get introduced to the game?

New types of Tactic Scrolls are introduced periodically as part of game updates and special events. Evony developers continuously work on enhancing the gameplay experience, and part of this process includes offering new items that players can utilize to gain advantages. Staying active in the game and keeping up with official announcements will help ensure you’re aware of new scrolls as they become available.

Are there any strategies for using Tactic Scrolls in alliance wars?

Using Tactic Scrolls in alliance wars requires a collaborative strategy that complements the strengths and weaknesses of the participating members’ armies and generals. Coordination with your alliance members to ensure that scrolls are used in a way that supports the collective battle plan is crucial. For example, scrolls that enhance speed or attack could be used by members leading the charge, while defensive scrolls could be reserved for those protecting key positions. Communication and planning are key when leveraging scrolls in alliance wars.

What is the role of Tactic Scrolls in defending my city?

Tactic Scrolls play a significant role in city defense by enhancing the abilities of your generals who are tasked with defending against attacks. Scrolls that increase troop health, defense, or the effectiveness of city fortifications can make your city significantly harder to conquer. Applying scrolls strategically to generals who specialize in defense can create a formidable barrier against opposing forces, protecting your resources and progress in the game.

How can I maximize the benefits of Tactic Scrolls in resource gathering and construction?

While Tactic Scrolls are primarily designed to enhance military capabilities, their indirect impact on resource gathering and construction can be significant. Scrolls that improve speed, for example, can be used to enhance the efficiency of generals assigned to gather resources, thereby speeding up the acquisition of materials needed for construction and upgrades. Additionally, scrolls that improve troop load can increase the amount of resources brought back from gatherings, indirectly benefiting your empire’s growth and expansion.


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