Exploring the World of Merge Dragons: A Guide to Bushes

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Exploring the World of Merge Dragons: A Guide to Bushes

In the enchanting realm of Merge Dragons, a mobile puzzle adventure game, players are tasked with the mission of healing a magical land, harnessing the power of dragons, solving fun puzzles, and building their camps to grow their dragon power. Among the myriad elements that make this game uniquely addictive, the existence of various items to merge and interact with plays a pivotal role. One such category, often overlooked yet crucial for progression and strategy, is bushes. This guide dives into the world of bushes, exploring their types, uses, and secrets to maximizing their potential in your game.

Understanding Bushes in Merge Dragons

Bushes in Merge Dragons serve multiple purposes, from being a mere decorative element to acting as a cornerstone in creating rare and powerful items. They are primarily obtained by merging grass, which is a common element found throughout the game’s levels and your camp. As you progress in the game, understanding the nuances of bushes can significantly influence your strategies, especially when it comes to farming certain resources or aiming for specific dragon breeds.

Types of Bushes and Their Uses

There are several types of bushes available in Merge Dragons, each evolving through a series of levels as you merge them. Here’s a breakdown of the most prominent ones:

  • Sprouting Bush: This is the initial stage of a bush, usually obtained from merging grass. They can eventually be merged into more advanced bushes.
  • Bush Shrub: A mid-level bush that can be obtained by merging lower-level bushes. It has a higher chance of spawning certain types of dragons’ eggs or even mystery eggs on occasion.
  • Mystic Bush: One of the higher tiers of bushes, known for occasionally spawning valuable items or rare dragons when interacted with or let to grow in your camp.
  • Wonder of the Bushes: The final form of bush evolution, known as the Ruins of the Sky Palace. This wonder not only serves as a decorative piece but also periodically spawns rare items, including dragon eggs, making it highly sought after by players.

Strategies for Maximizing Bush Value

To make the most out of your bushes in Merge Dragons, consider these strategic tips:

  • Focus on merging: Always aim for 5-merges over 3-merges when evolving your bushes. This ensures maximum efficiency and yield from each merge.
  • Spacing is key: Ensure your bushes have enough space to grow and spawn items. Crowded spaces can limit their productivity.
  • Target the Wonders: While bushes at every level have their uses, setting a goal to reach the Wonder of the Bushes can significantly boost your camp’s resource generation.
  • Be strategic with harvesting: Bushes, especially at higher levels, can spawn valuable items. Make sure not to harvest them too frequently to allow for the best spawns.

Understanding and implementing these strategies can elevate your Merge Dragons gameplay, turning bushes from mere decorative elements into strategic assets.

FAQs about Merge Dragons Bushes

What is the best way to obtain bushes in Merge Dragons?

The most efficient method to obtain bushes in Merge Dragons is by merging grass tufts, which are abundant in many levels and can also be found or spawned in your camp. Focus on creating a chain of merges starting from grass all the way up to the bush level you desire. Additionally, keep an eye on levels that reward bushes as completion bonuses.

How can I quickly reach the Wonder of the Bushes?

To quickly reach the Wonder of the Bushes, also known as the Ruins of the Sky Palace, you should concentrate on efficiently merging your bushes. Use the 5-merge rule to maximize the output of each merge and reduce the total number of items needed to reach this wonder. Organize your camp to have a dedicated area for bush merging to keep track of progress. Additionally, participate in events and keep an eye on daily chests for additional bush-related items.

Are there any reasons to keep lower-level bushes, or should I merge them as soon as possible?

While the instinct might be to merge bushes as quickly as possible, there are strategic reasons to keep lower-level bushes at times. Some low-to-mid-level bushes have quicker spawn rates for certain items, which might be more beneficial depending on your current in-game goals. However, for most long-term strategies, focusing on obtaining higher-level bushes and ultimately reaching bush wonders is more beneficial.

What items can bushes spawn in Merge Dragons?

Bushes in Merge Dragons can spawn a variety of items ranging from basic to rare. Lower-level bushes often spawn mushrooms and grass, while higher-level bushes can spawn chests, magic coins, and rarely, dragon eggs. The highest evolution, the Wonder of the Bushes, has a chance to spawn more valuable items, including several types of mystery eggs, more frequently.

Can bushes in Merge Dragons die or lose their spawning ability?

No, bushes in Merge Dragons do not die nor lose their spawning ability over time. However, their productivity can be indirectly affected if there is not enough space around them for items to spawn, or if they are not given enough time between interactions to recharge their spawn capability. It’s important to manage your camp space efficiently to ensure all your bushes have the opportunity to be as productive as possible.

How do I manage space in my camp for bush farming?

Effective space management is crucial for bush farming in Merge Dragons. Firstly, allocate a specific area in your camp dedicated to bush merging and farming. Use the lock feature to keep certain items in place. Try to maintain a balance between bush farming and other aspects of your camp, such as dragon homes and resource storage. Utilize bubbles to temporarily store items that aren’t immediately needed, allowing more room for bush farming activities.

Is there a limit to how many times the Wonder of the Bushes can spawn items?

There is no hard limit to how many times the Wonder of the Bushes, the Ruins of the Sky Palace, can spawn items. However, like all wonders in Merge Dragons, it has a cooldown period after spawning items during which it won’t produce anything. The frequency and types of items spawned also depend on random chance, so results may vary. It’s beneficial to have multiple wonders if possible, to increase the overall rate of valuable item spawns in your camp.

Are there specific strategies for using bushes to boost dragon egg production?

Yes, bushes, especially at higher levels, can be strategically used to boost dragon egg production. Focus on reaching at least one Wonder of the Bushes, as it sporadically spawns dragon eggs, including the coveted mystery eggs. Also, maintain a good balance of higher-level bushes, as they occasionally spawn eggs and nests directly. Additionally, engaging in bush farming can yield chests that, when opened, offer a chance of containing dragon eggs. It’s a game of patience and strategy, aiming to maximize the spawns from your bushes while also balancing other in-game resources and objectives.

In the enchanting universe of Merge Dragons, bushes serve as a backbone for both aesthetic pleasure and strategic gameplay. Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or an advanced player refining your strategies, the world of bushes offers a multitude of opportunities to enhance your camp, boost your dragon power, and enjoy the game to its fullest. By adopting strategic approaches to bush management, players can maximize their game enjoyment and progress swiftly through the mystical land.


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