Gaining Grass in Merge Dragons: A How-To Guide

Fantasy landscape where dragons playfully merge different types of magical grasses under a sparkling emerald sky

Gaining Grass in Merge Dragons: A How-To Guide

In the enchanting world of Merge Dragons, players embark on a magical journey to heal a mystical land, harnessing the power of dragons, magic, and discovery. One of the many quests in this vibrant realm involves the cultivation and growth of grass to transform dead land into thriving ecosystems. Grass is not merely decorative; it is a crucial element in creating life, advancing quests, and obtaining precious items. This guide will walk you through the essentials of gaining grass in the game, providing tips and strategies for maximizing your greenery.

Understanding Grass in Merge Dragons

Grass in Merge Dragons comes in various forms, beginning from the humble Grass Tuft to the majestic Great Grass. Each level offers different benefits, and understanding how to effectively grow, merge, and utilize grass can significantly impact your gameplay. Grass is primarily used to heal dead land, but it’s also a source for spawning Life Flower Sprouts, thus serving as a catalyst for creating Life Flowers—another key ingredient for progress in Merge Dragons.

Methods for Gaining Grass

Gaining grass in Merge Dragons can be achieved through several methods, each with its own set of strategies. Here are some of the most effective ways to accumulate and grow grass in your land:

Merging Dragon Eggs

Merging dragon eggs not only gives you dragons but occasionally spawns Grass Tufts. Positioning your eggs strategically to anticipate where the grass might appear can help in planning your garden layout, ensuring optimal space usage and further merges.

Harvesting from Grass

Once you have grass on your land, you can harvest from it. The larger the grass, the higher the chances of obtaining more advanced grass when harvested. This can be an efficient way to escalate the quality of your grass without needing to merge lower levels constantly.

Using the Chests

Chests bought from the shop or obtained through merging can contain seeds, sprouts, or tufts of grass. These are particularly useful for kick-starting or expanding your grassy terrain. However, consider the cost-benefit aspect, as not all chests may yield valuable contents for your current needs.

Merging Stones

Merging stones can occasionally result in Moss Covered Stones, which when harvested, provide you with Grass Tufts. This method adds a dual benefit of progressing in stone collection while simultaneously enhancing your grass resources.

Playing Levels

Certain levels in Merge Dragons are rich in grass and its derivatives. Playing and replaying these levels can be a strategic approach to farming grass, moss stones, and even seeds. Pay attention to levels that are generous in these resources and use your chalices wisely.

Advanced Strategies for Grass Cultivation

Once you have a basic understanding and method for acquiring grass in Merge Dragons, you can adopt more advanced strategies to optimize your grass growth and use:

Focus on High-Level Grass

While it might be tempting to keep lower-level grass for regular harvesting, focusing your efforts on creating and maintaining high-level grass can be more beneficial in the long run. High-level grass not only takes up less space but also has better chances of spawning more advanced life flowers.

Utilize the Merge 5 Bonus

Where possible, always aim to merge in multiples of five. This golden rule in Merge Dragons applies to grass cultivation as well. Merging five instead of three not only yields more final products but also increases efficiency and progress speed.

Plan Your Land Wisely

Grass can spread unchecked if given the chance. While this might seem beneficial, it can quickly overwhelm your land and interfere with other projects. Setting aside a specific area for grass cultivation and using items or dragons to limit spread can help maintain control over your growth areas.


How do I prevent my grass from spreading uncontrollably?

To prevent grass from taking over your garden, consider isolating your grass area with a boundary made of unmergeable items, such as Gaia Statues or Dragon Eggs. Additionally, keeping high-level grass can slow down the rate of uncontrolled spreading since they spawn new grass less frequently than their lower-level counterparts. Regular monitoring and harvesting of your garden are also necessary measures to keep the spread of grass under control.

What’s the best way to obtain Moss Covered Stones for more grass?

Moss Covered Stones, a valuable source for Grass Tufts, can be obtained by merging stones. To effectively collect these, focus on higher-level stone merges, as they have a better chance of turning into Moss Covered Stones. Additionally, keep an eye on specific levels that are rich in stones to maximize your harvesting opportunities. Playing these levels repeatedly can be a strategic way to gather stones for merging.

Can I buy grass from the shop? Is it cost-effective?

While certain types of grass and related items are available for purchase in the shop with in-game currency or gems, whether it’s cost-effective depends on your current progression and availability of resources. Early in the game, spending your resources on grass may not be the best investment as there are other methods to obtain it freely. However, for advanced players aiming to fill specific gaps or speed up their garden’s expansion, purchasing from the shop can be a time-saving, albeit costlier, strategy.

Is it worth focusing on grass early in the game?

While grass is crucial for healing land and spawning life flowers, focusing on it too early might divert resources and time away from other essential progressions, such as leveling up your dragons and expanding your land. It’s advisable to incorporate grass cultivation into your overall strategy without allowing it to overshadow other critical growth areas. As your garden and resources expand, dedicating more attention to grass becomes increasingly viable and beneficial.

How does grass help in obtaining Life Flowers?

Grass, especially at higher levels, periodically spawns Life Flower Sprouts, which are the fundamental components for creating Life Flowers. These flowers are critical for producing Life Orbs, which heal the land and are essential for progress throughout the game. Strategically developing your grass resources can thus be a significant source for Life Flowers, supporting your overall healing efforts and helping advance through the game more efficiently.

Are there any levels particularly good for farming grass or its derivatives?

Yes, certain levels are more bountiful in grass and resources for cultivating it. While these levels may change with game updates, players often share current favorites in community forums and guides. Look for levels that cost few chalices to play but are rich in stones, chests, and grass patches. Replaying these levels can be an astute approach to stockpiling resources necessary for your grass cultivation strategies. Engaging with the Merge Dragons community can also provide up-to-date tips on the best levels for harvesting grass and related items.

What is the optimal strategy for merging grass to maximize my gains?

The optimal strategy for merging grass involves a balance between space management and resource optimization. Always aim to merge in fives to extract maximum value from your merges. This applies to grass at all levels, ensuring you move through the tiers efficiently. Prioritize achieving high-level grass to reduce sprawl and increase the productivity of your land. Equally important is planning your garden layout to accommodate the future growth and harvesting of grass, preventing unnecessary overpopulation and maintaining a tidy space.

Can harvesting high-level grass yield rare items?

Yes, harvesting high-level grass has the potential to yield rare items, including more advanced Life Flowers and sometimes special eggs or nests. While the primary yield from grass is typically more grass or Life Flower Sprouts, the chance of procuring rare items increases with the level of the grass being harvested. This potential for rare drops makes managing and cultivating high-level grass a rewarding strategy for players looking to enhance their gardens and dragon roosts.

How do high-level grasses compare in terms of spawning rates for Life Flower Sprouts?

High-level grasses have a significantly better spawning rate for Life Flower Sprouts compared to their lower-level counterparts. As grass levels increase, so does the frequency and efficiency of Life Flower Sprout production. This makes investing in and nurturing high-level grass an effective method for boosting your Life Flower collection, facilitating quicker land healing and progression in the game. Properly balanced, a garden rich in high-level grass can become a sustainable source for Life Flower Sprouts, reducing the need for constant manual harvesting or low-level grass management.

Gaining and managing grass in Merge Dragons is a nuanced aspect of the game that can significantly impact your progress and enjoyment. By understanding the various ways to acquire, cultivate, and leverage grass, along with implementing advanced strategies and heeding the wisdom shared in FAQs, players can optimize their gameplay, create lush, healing landscapes, and advance through the fantastical world of Merge Dragons with greater ease and satisfaction.


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