All Recipes Guide for My Cafe Game

All Recipes Guide for My Café Game

If you’ve embarked on the delightful journey of playing My Café: Recipes & Stories, you’re likely already captivated by its blend of café management and interactive storylines. A crucial aspect of advancing in the game and keeping your customers satisfied is mastering the diverse array of recipes. This guide serves as your comprehensive companion to all the recipes you’ll need to know, making it easier for you to progress through the game and make the most out of your café business.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the recipes, it’s essential to grasp the basic mechanics of My Café. The game allows players to run and manage a café, where success is measured by the satisfaction of your customers and the aesthetics of your café. Serving a variety of recipes promptly and according to customer preferences is key. The game employs a tiered recipe unlocking system, meaning as your café reaches higher levels, more recipes become available. Ingredients play a pivotal role, and as you progress, you’ll need to strategically stock up on them to cater to the increasingly sophisticated tastes of your customers.

Recipe Complexity and Customization

Recipes in My Café range from simple coffees to more elaborate dishes. As your café levels up, you’ll unlock not just new recipes but also additional ingredients, allowing for a high degree of customization. This not only helps in keeping your customers happy but also allows you to charge premium prices for custom or unique drink and food combinations. Remember, customer requests can sometimes hint at new recipe combinations before they are officially unlocked.

Key Ingredients and Equipment

Success in My Café heavily depends on upgrading your equipment and having the right ingredients at hand. Coffee machines, cake ovens, and tea dispensers are just the beginning. As you progress, more sophisticated machinery like the Frappe Maker and the Tapioca Tea Brewer become available, enabling more diverse recipes. Ingredients range from basic ones like milk, tea, and coffee to more exotic ones like saffron and tapioca. Managing your inventory effectively is crucial to ensuring that you can always meet customer requests.

Recipes Guide

Given the vast number of recipes and the constant updates and seasons changing in My Café, covering every single recipe in detail would be extensive. However, we can touch on a few categories and examples of recipes to give you a taste of what the game offers. Note that recipes in My Café require the player to add ingredients in a specific order. Following are examples from some primary categories:


  • Americano: Simply requires water and coffee.
  • Americano with Milk: You’ll add milk to the basic Americano recipe.


  • Espresso: A straightforward recipe needing just a shot of coffee.
  • Espresso Macchiato: Add milk foam to an espresso.


  • Standard Frappe: Requires ice, milk, and coffee.
  • Caramel Frappe: A delicious modification with caramel syrup, ice, milk, and coffee.


  • English Tea: Just tea and water.
  • Masala Tea: Requires tea, water, milk, and cardamom.

This is just a smattering of the recipe complexity and variety within My Café. Each recipe can be tweaked with various toppings and syrups, allowing for countless combinations.

FAQs about My Café: Recipes & Stories

What is the fastest way to level up in My Café?

Leveling up in My Café can be accelerated by completing customer orders as quickly as possible, investing in your café’s décor to enhance tips, participating in daily tasks and challenges, and continuously upgrading your equipment and ingredients to serve more complex and high-demand recipes.

How can I get more diamonds in My Café?

Diamonds in My Café can be obtained through various methods, including completing achievements, participating in the daily bonus challenge, leveling up, and purchasing them directly from the game shop. Occasionally, special events or challenges award diamonds as well.

What is the most profitable recipe in My Café?

The profitability of recipes in My Café often depends on the game’s current level and the demand from customers. Generally, recipes that require more rare or expensive ingredients and those that can be sold at a premium price, such as those involving special spices or customizable drinks, tend to yield higher profits. Keeping an eye on customer requests and trends is key to identifying the most profitable recipes at any given time.

How can I expand my café space in My Café?

Expanding café space in My Café requires coins and sometimes diamonds. This option becomes available as you level up in the game. Expansion not only allows for more décor and furniture placement but also accommodates more customers, leading to increased profits. Keep an eye on the milestones required for each expansion and save your resources accordingly.

Can I interact with other players in My Café?

To foster a sense of community and competition, My Café offers several ways to interact with other players. You can join a township and participate in festivals for rewards, chat with other players through the game’s chat functionality, and compete in the leaderboard challenges. Collaborating with your township members can lead to significant rewards and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

How do I unlock new recipes in My Café?

New recipes in My Café are typically unlocked by leveling up your café. Additionally, purchasing new equipment or ingredients can reveal new recipes. Paying attention to your customers’ conversations and requests can also hint at new recipe combinations. Participation in game events and challenges sometimes introduces limited-time recipes as well.

Is it crucial to follow the recipe order in My Café?

Yes, in My Café, it is crucial to follow the recipe order when preparing drinks and dishes. Adding ingredients in the wrong order can lead to a failed recipe, wasting your resources and potentially displeasing your customers. Paying close attention to the recipe details and order is fundamental to your success in the game.

How can I efficiently manage my ingredients in My Café?

Efficient ingredient management in My Café involves regularly checking your stock, planning ahead for peak times, and upgrading your storage facilities. Keep a balanced stock of commonly used ingredients, and be mindful of ingredients that are used less frequently to avoid unnecessary expenses. Participating in townships and events can also provide you with resources to help manage your inventory effectively.

What are the best strategies for decorating my café in My Café?

Decorating your café in My Café should focus on balancing aesthetics with functionality. Each piece of décor offers different benefits, such as increased tips or customer waiting time reduction. Aim to create thematic sections within your café to enhance customer satisfaction. Regularly updating your café’s look can keep interest high, not just for customers but also adding a personal touch to your game experience.

With this comprehensive guide and FAQs, you’re now better equipped to make your café a bustling hotspot in the My Café game world. Remember, success in the game is as much about strategy and management as it is about creativity and making your café uniquely yours. Happy brewing and serving!


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