Top Survivor Io Necklaces Ranked: Comprehensive Tier List

Top Survivor Io Necklaces Ranked: Comprehensive Tier List

When it comes to optimizing your build in, one of the essential pieces of equipment to consider is the necklace. Given their ability to significantly boost your character’s overall stats and provide unique perks, necklaces in are more than just a cosmetic add-on; they are a crucial part of your survival kit. In this comprehensive tier list, we rank the best necklaces from the essential must-haves to the more situational choices, helping you make informed decisions as you gear up to face the ever-growing hordes of enemies.

S-Tier Necklaces

Starting at the top of our list, S-Tier necklaces are the cream of the crop. These items provide unparalleled bonuses that can drastically improve your gameplay, making them a top priority for any serious player.

Pendant of the Protector

At the apex of our list is the Pendant of the Protector. Offering a significant boost to HP and damage resistance, this necklace is a game-changer for players looking to toughen up their character. Beyond beefing up your defense, its unique perk of occasionally generating a protective shield makes it indispensable in heavy combat situations.

Amulet of the Phoenix

Another undeniable contender in the S-Tier category is the Amulet of the Phoenix. This fiery accessory not only enhances your attack power but also imbues your character with the ability to resurrect with full HP upon death, once per battle. This powerful comeback mechanism ensures that you stay in the fight longer, making it an excellent choice for tackling the game’s toughest challenges.

A-Tier Necklaces

A-Tier necklaces offer impressive boosts and perks that can significantly influence your playstyle, though they may not be as universally impactful as those in the S-Tier.

Chain of Sharpness

The Chain of Sharpness shines by significantly increasing your critical hit rate. This necklace is tailor-made for builds focused on maximizing damage output through critical hits, making it a go-to choice for players looking to slice through enemy ranks like butter.

Necklace of Vitality

For those who prioritize survival, the Necklace of Vitality is a staple. It boosts your HP substantially, allowing you to withstand more damage and stay in the fray longer. Its straightforward bonus is particularly beneficial for beginners and veterans alike, providing a reliable foundation for any build.

B-Tier Necklaces

B-Tier necklaces provide specific benefits that can complement certain builds or strategies well, but they might not have the same broad utility or impact as higher-tier options.

Locket of Speed

Speed is of the essence in, and the Locket of Speed acknowledges this by enhancing your movement speed. Perfect for hit-and-run tactics or for quickly maneuvering through crowded battlefields, it’s a solid choice for those who value agility over raw power.

Gem of Fortitude

The Gem of Fortitude offers a balanced boost to both HP and defense, making it a versatile choice for players seeking to enhance their durability without committing fully to a tank build. While it doesn’t excel in one particular area, its dual benefits make it a well-rounded accessory.

C-Tier Necklaces

C-Tier necklaces might not make or break a game, but they can still offer unique advantages in the right contexts. These items are typically more situational or offer more modest bonuses compared to their higher-tier counterparts.

Charm of Luck

The Charm of Luck boosts the drop rate of items from enemies, making it a useful accessory for farming resources or hunting for that elusive piece of gear. While not directly impacting combat, the long-term benefits of increased loot can be quite valuable, especially in the earlier stages of the game.

Medallion of the Mage

Targeted towards players who rely heavily on skills for damage, the Medallion of the Mage increases your energy regeneration rate. This allows for more frequent use of abilities, making it a niche but valuable pick for ability-centric builds.

Tier List Summary

In, the right necklace can turn the tide of battle, offering both offensive and defensive advantages that cater to various playstyles. From the unparalleled benefits of S-Tier necklaces like the Pendant of the Protector and Amulet of the Phoenix to the more nuanced boosts provided by C-Tier options like the Charm of Luck and Medallion of the Mage, there’s a piece of jewelry out there to suit every survivor’s needs.


How does the Pendant of the Protector’s shield mechanism work?

The Pendant of the Protector has a unique perk that offers a chance to generate a protective shield around your character for a brief period. This shield can absorb a certain amount of damage, shielding you from harm. The chance to activate the shield is based on a percentage that occurs randomly when taking damage from enemies, making it an unpredictable but potentially life-saving feature during close encounters.

Can the resurrection ability of the Amulet of the Phoenix be used more than once per battle?

The resurrection ability of the Amulet of the Phoenix is a powerful perk that allows your character to come back to life with full health after dying, but this miraculous feat can only be performed once per battle. After being used, the amulet’s ability will not reset or be available again until the start of a new battle, making strategic use of its one-time-only resurrection crucial in difficult fights.

Is the Charm of Luck worth using for long-term gameplay?

For players focused on long-term gameplay strategies, such as farming for rare items or trying to efficiently gather resources, the Charm of Luck can provide significant benefits by increasing the drop rate of items from enemies. While it doesn’t offer direct combat advantages, the increased opportunity to obtain better gear and resources can contribute to overall progression and prepare players for higher levels of difficulty.

How should players choose between necklaces when customizing their builds?

When choosing between necklaces for your build in, consider your playstyle, the current stage of the game, and the specific challenges you’re facing. High-tier necklaces like the Pendant of the Protector and the Amulet of the Phoenix offer substantial benefits that are broadly useful, but don’t underestimate the value of lower-tier, more specialized items like the Locket of Speed or the Charm of Luck if they complement your strategy or compensate for specific weaknesses in your setup. Experimenting with different necklaces and assessing their impact on your performance is key to crafting the ideal build.

Are there any hidden effects for necklaces not mentioned in their descriptions? does a good job of communicating the primary effects and perks of necklaces in their descriptions. However, the nuanced interactions between different game mechanics or the synergistic effects when combined with other equipment pieces might not be immediately apparent. While not exactly hidden, these subtleties can significantly influence the effectiveness of a necklace in your build. Engaging with the game’s community, such as forums or social media groups, can reveal deeper insights into how best to utilize your necklaces’ potential.

How important is it to have multiple high-tier necklaces?

Having multiple high-tier necklaces at your disposal can greatly enhance your flexibility and readiness for various game scenarios. While a single, well-chosen necklace can significantly impact your performance, being able to switch between different top-tier options enables you to adapt to specific challenges, enemies, or mission requirements more effectively. Investing in acquiring and upgrading a variety of high-tier necklaces ensures that you are well-equipped to tackle the evolving threats in

Can B-Tier and C-Tier necklaces compete with higher-tier options?

B-Tier and C-Tier necklaces, while not as universally powerful as their S-Tier and A-Tier counterparts, can still compete effectively in certain scenarios or builds. These lower-tier options often provide specialized benefits that can be exceedingly useful in specific situations or can amplify a particular aspect of your character’s abilities. For instance, a B-Tier necklace like the Locket of Speed can be crucial for strategies that rely on mobility, while a C-Tier option like the Medallion of the Mage can enhance an ability-focused build. The key to their effective use is understanding the contexts in which these necklaces outshine their higher-tier rivals.

Is upgrading necklaces always beneficial?

Upgrading necklaces in generally enhances their provided bonuses, making them more effective in combat or supportive roles. However, resources for upgrades can be scarce, and not every necklace may be worth the investment, especially if it doesn’t align well with your long-term build strategy or if you’re likely to replace it with a better option soon. Therefore, while upgrading can be beneficial, it’s crucial to prioritize your resources carefully, focusing on items that offer the most utility or enhancement to your current build.

How does the game balance the power of necklaces with other equipment types? strives to maintain a balanced gameplay experience by ensuring that necklaces, while powerful, are just one part of a more extensive equipment system that includes weapons, drones, and other accessories. Each equipment type contributes to your character’s overall capabilities in different ways. The game balances the power of necklaces by making their effects complementary to other equipment pieces rather than overwhelming. This encourages players to think strategically about their entire loadout, combining various equipment types to build a well-rounded and effective character setup.


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