Top Ways to Get Gems in Eatventure

Top Ways to Get Gems in Eatventure

Eatventure is an engaging mobile game that turns every player into an aspiring entrepreneur with a mission to build and expand their food empire from a small street food stall to a global restaurant chain. As with many free-to-play games, it incorporates in-game currencies to facilitate progress, purchase items, or unlock features. In Eatventure, gems are a premium currency that plays a vital role in enhancing your gameplay experience. They can be used to speed up construction, buy unique decorations, or even acquire special boosts that significantly advance your culinary empire. Finding efficient ways to earn these precious gems is crucial for your progression. Here are the top strategies to maximize your gem intake in Eatventure.

Complete Daily Quests and Challenges

One of the most straightforward methods to earn gems in Eatventure is by completing daily quests and challenges. These tasks vary in difficulty and complexity but generally involve achievable goals related to the running of your food business. By regularly checking and completing these quests, you can accumulate a steady flow of gems. Ensure to log in daily even if you’re short on playing time to at least collect your due rewards.

Participate in Events

Eatventure frequently hosts special events that offer unique challenges and quests, often themed around specific cuisines, holidays, or notable global events. Participating in these events not only spices up your gameplay but also opens up additional avenues to earn gems. The rewards for these events typically scale with the difficulty or length of the event, so staying active and completing as many event tasks as possible is key to maximizing your gem earnings.

Level Up Your Profile

As you progress through the game and achieve various milestones, your profile level will increase. Each new level reached often comes with rewards, including gems. Focus on expanding your food empire and improving your offerings to increase your earnings and experience points. This, in turn, will help you level up your profile more quickly, granting you access to gem rewards more frequently.

Achievements and Milestones

The game features a set of achievements and milestones that challenge you to reach specific goals within your eatery ventures. These can range from serving a particular number of customers to earning a set amount of money. Completing these achievements not only gives you a sense of accomplishment but also rewards you with gems. Keep an eye on the achievements tab to target specific goals that you can work towards for gem rewards.

Watch Advertisements

A common feature in many free-to-play games is the option to watch advertisements in exchange for in-game currency or rewards. In Eatventure, taking a few moments to watch these ads can grant you gems. While it may not yield as many gems as some of the other methods, it’s an easy, passive way to accumulate more over time, especially when you’re taking a break from actively managing your empire.

Connect Your Game to Social Media

Connecting your Eatventure game to social media accounts can sometimes offer a one-time gem bonus. This is a simple way to nab some easy gems while also enabling features like cloud saving and friend invites. Plus, it can make accessing the game across multiple devices smoother, ensuring you don’t miss out on daily log-in rewards or special events.

Purchase Gems

For players willing to invest real money into their Eatventure gameplay, purchasing gems directly from the in-game store is the quickest way to get them. The game often runs special offers and gem bundles that provide more value for your money. While not everyone may choose this route, it’s a viable option for those looking to boost their progress rapidly.


What is the fastest way to earn gems in Eatventure?

The fastest way, albeit not free, to earn gems in Eatventure is by purchasing them directly from the in-game store, often through special offers or bundles for better value. For non-paying players, actively participating in events and completing daily quests and challenges represent the swiftest ways to accumulate gems without spending real money.

Can you earn enough gems through gameplay to progress without purchasing them?

Yes, it is entirely possible to earn sufficient gems through regular gameplay in Eatventure to progress without the need to purchase them with real money. Engaging in daily quests, partaking in events, leveling up your profile, and taking advantage of achievements are all viable ways to accumulate gems. It might require more patience and time, but it is certainly doable and has been accomplished by many players.

How can events in Eatventure help in earning gems?

Events in Eatventure often consist of unique set of challenges and quests, themed around different cuisines or holidays, that are not available in the game’s standard mode. These events not only make the gameplay more exciting but also offer specific rewards, including gems, for participation and completion of event tasks. The key to earning gems through events is active participation and completing as many event-related tasks as possible to qualify for the highest tier of rewards.

Is there a strategy for choosing which daily quests or challenges to complete for maximum gem rewards?

The strategy for selecting daily quests or challenges in Eatventure lies in balancing the potential rewards against the time or resources needed to complete them. While all quests and challenges can eventually contribute to your gem haul, prioritize tasks that fit within your current gameplay session or goals. For instance, if a quest aligns with your current objective of expanding a certain area of your empire or leveling up a particular aspect of your business, it would be more beneficial to target those first. Keeping an eye on the rewards and choosing quests that offer the highest gem payouts relative to the effort required is also a good strategy.

Are there any limitations on earning gems through watching advertisements?

Yes, there are typically limitations on how many times you can watch advertisements to earn gems in Eatventure per day. These limits vary but are in place to ensure a balanced gameplay experience and encourage players to engage with the game in other ways. Once you’ve reached the daily cap for earning gems through ads, you’ll have to wait until the next day to watch more or explore other methods of earning gems in the game.

Will leveling up always reward gems, or does it change as you progress?

While leveling up your profile in Eatventure usually rewards you with gems, the specific rewards may vary as you progress to higher levels. The game’s reward structure is designed to offer different incentives at different stages, but gems remain a frequent reward for leveling up. Paying attention to the level-up rewards can help you anticipate when you’ll receive gem bonuses and plan your gameplay accordingly.

Do achievements and milestones reset, allowing you to earn gems from them more than once?

Most achievements and milestones in Eatventure are designed to be completed once, rewarding players with gems for reaching specific goals in their empire’s development. Once an achievement or milestone is completed, it does not reset. However, the game continually updates and may introduce new achievements or milestones, providing fresh opportunities to earn gems. Keeping an eye on any updates or additions to the game can help you capitalize on these opportunities.

What should I prioritize spending my gems on in Eatventure?

In Eatventure, how you choose to spend your gems depends largely on your current goals and gameplay style. Generally, it’s wise to allocate gems towards speeding up processes that are crucial for your empire’s expansion or obtaining unique items that cannot be easily acquired with other in-game currencies. Spending gems on permanent upgrades or boosts that offer long-term benefits to your empire can also be a strategic decision. However, it’s advisable to avoid using gems for impulsive purchases or frequently speeding up tasks that can naturally complete over time, as this could lead to running out of gems when you really need them.

Can completing in-game tutorials or guides reward you with gems?

Completing in-game tutorials or specific guides in Eatventure can sometimes reward you with gems, especially if these tutorials are part of introductory quests or milestones designed to ease new players into the game. These rewards are typically one-time bonuses meant to provide new players with a helpful starting boost. It’s a good idea to complete any available tutorials not only to learn more about the game but also to collect these initial gem rewards.

Are there any community-driven ways to earn gems, such as contests or social media giveaways?

Eatventure’s developers sometimes engage the game’s community through contests, social media giveaways, or other events that can offer gems as rewards. Participating in these community-driven events can be an excellent way to earn extra gems and become more involved with the Eatventure player community. It’s beneficial to follow the game’s official social media channels and be on the lookout for any announcements regarding such events to ensure you don’t miss out on these opportunities.


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