Crafting the Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide

Crafting the Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide

Stardew Valley, a game that has captured the hearts of countless players with its charming farm life and compelling relationships, offers not just a rural escape, but also a chance at romance. For those wishing to take their in-game relationships to the next level, the Wedding Ring is a unique and significant artifact. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about crafting the Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley, ensuring that your proposal goes off without a hitch.

Understanding the Wedding Ring

The Wedding Ring is more than just a piece of jewelry in Stardew Valley; it’s a symbol of commitment to another player in a multiplayer game. Unlike the Mermaid’s Pendant, which is used to propose marriage to NPCs, the Wedding Ring is exclusively for proposing to fellow players. It brings an element of real-world interaction to the game, allowing you to form a deeper bond with someone you’ve been farming, mining, fighting, and celebrating festivals alongside.

How to Obtain the Wedding Ring Recipe

Before you can craft a Wedding Ring, you must first acquire the recipe. The recipe is available at the Traveling Cart, a shop that appears in the Cindersap Forest on Fridays and Sundays. Unlike most items in the Traveling Cart’s inventory, the Wedding Ring recipe is a fixed item, available for purchase at 500 gold. This purchase is essential and a preliminary step in declaring your virtual love.

Materials Required for Crafting

Once you have the recipe, the next step is gathering the materials needed for crafting the Wedding Ring. You will need:

5 Iridium Bars: Iridium Bars are obtained by smelting Iridium Ore in a furnace, with 5 ores and 1 piece of coal needed for each bar. Iridium Ore can be found in the Skull Cavern in the Desert or from Mystic Stones, which are rare rocks found in the Mines after level 100.
1 Prismatic Shard: A rare and valuable item, Prismatic Shards can be found by mining iridium nodes, omni geodes, or defeating certain monsters. They can also occasionally be found in treasure chests while fishing.

Gathering these materials can be a challenge but is a testament to the effort and dedication you’re putting into your in-game relationship.

Crafting and Proposing with the Wedding Ring

With the recipe learned and materials in hand, open your crafting menu and select the Wedding Ring to craft it. Once crafted, the Wedding Ring can be offered to another player in the same way you would offer any item in Stardew Valley. Simply select the Wedding Ring in your inventory, approach the player you wish to propose to, and offer it to them as you would with a gift. If they accept, congratulations, you’re now engaged within the world of Stardew Valley!

Bear in mind that the Wedding Ring is a one-time use item, meaning if you wish to propose to another player for any reason, you would need to craft another ring. Additionally, the acceptance of the Wedding Ring is entirely up to the receiving player, allowing for a realistic element of choice in these virtual relationships.

The Significance of the Wedding Ring

The crafting and exchanging of the Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley symbolizes a unique form of in-game commitment. It’s a testament to partnership, cooperation, and the shared experiences between players. While it doesn’t unlock special items or drastically alter gameplay, it serves as a cherished token of unity in your Stardew Valley adventure. It’s these personal, player-created moments that often become the most memorable in the game.


Crafting the Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley is a delightful process that adds depth to the multiplayer experience. It encapsulates the game’s essence of community, friendship, and love. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a newcomer to the valley, pursuing this virtual commitment can be a fulfilling venture that enhances your experience and potentially, your real-life bond with another player. Remember, the value of the Wedding Ring lies not in its materials, but in the intention and connection it represents.

FAQs about Crafting the Wedding Ring in Stardew Valley

Can you propose to an NPC with the Wedding Ring?

No, the Wedding Ring is specifically designed for proposals between players in a multiplayer game. If you wish to marry an NPC in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to obtain a Mermaid’s Pendant.

What happens if the other player rejects the Wedding Ring?

If the other player decides to reject the Wedding Ring, the ring will not be used, staying in your inventory. This allows you the opportunity to either keep the ring as a memento or attempt to propose again at a later time, either to the same player or a different one.

Is it possible to divorce or end the relationship after exchanging Wedding Rings?

Yes, similar to NPC marriages in Stardew Valley, player-to-player relationships can also be ended. This is achieved by interacting with a small book in Mayor Lewis’s house, where you can file for divorce. Upon confirming your decision, the relationship will be dissolved the following day.

How difficult is it to obtain the materials for the Wedding Ring?

Gathering the materials for the Wedding Ring, especially the Iridium Bars and the Prismatic Shard, can be quite challenging. These items are among the scarcest in the game, requiring exploration of dangerous areas like the Skull Cavern and a fair bit of luck when mining or fishing. Advanced planning and preparation are recommended for players aiming to craft the Wedding Ring.

Can I craft multiple Wedding Rings?

Yes, you can craft as many Wedding Rings as you wish, provided you have the necessary materials and the recipe. This allows players to engage with multiple proposals throughout their gameplay, either for fun or as a way to explore different multiplayer relationships.

Does proposing with the Wedding Ring have any effect on gameplay?

Proposing with the Wedding Ring itself does not alter the gameplay significantly. It primarily serves as a symbol of commitment between players. However, engaged or married players might decide to collaborate more closely on farm management, resource sharing, and other in-game activities, potentially enhancing their gameplay experience through teamwork.

Are there any special events or perks after getting engaged in Stardew Valley?

While Stardew Valley does not feature special events specifically triggered by player engagements, being engaged or married in the game can naturally lead to a more collaborative and immersive multiplayer experience. Players might find themselves planning and executing farm activities more synergistically, sharing resources, or simply enjoying the game’s vast content together.

Can the Wedding Ring be given to someone already married or engaged to another player?

In Stardew Valley, players can only be engaged or married to one person at a time. If someone is already engaged or married, they will be unable to accept another Wedding Ring proposal. Communication between players is key to understanding their current relationship status within the game.

Is the Wedding Ring visible on the character after the proposal?

No, the Wedding Ring does not appear on the character’s model after a proposal. In Stardew Valley, the exchange of Wedding Rings is mainly a symbolic gesture of commitment between players and does not affect the appearance of the characters.

Can you customize the Wedding Ring?

The Wedding Ring cannot be customized in Stardew Valley. Its appearance and crafting requirements are fixed. However, the significance of the Wedding Ring comes from the intention behind it and the shared experiences between players, making it a deeply personal and unique item regardless of its standard presentation.


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