Finding the Glacierfish in Stardew Valley Expanded: Locations Guide

A serene, snowy landscape in Stardew Valley, with a player character in warm winter gear fishing through a hole in the ice on a frozen lake, surrounded by pine trees and mountains in the background, and a ghostly silhouette of the elusive Glacierfish jumping out of the water.

Finding the Glacierfish in Stardew Valley Expanded: Locations Guide

In the serene world of Stardew Valley, fishing isn’t just a way to secure a steady income or pass the time. It’s also a quest to catch legendary fish that are a testament to the player’s skill and dedication. One such elusive catch is the Glacierfish, a legendary fish that has tempted anglers with its rarity and challenge. With the Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) mod, the adventure of catching the Glacierfish becomes even more intricate and rewarding. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the game, this guide will navigate you through the process of locating and catching the legendary Glacierfish in the enriched world of Stardew Valley Expanded.

Understanding the Glacierfish

The Glacierfish is one of the five legendary fish in the original Stardew Valley game, revered for its rarity and the challenge it presents to catch. In Stardew Valley Expanded, its allure is undiminished, but the circumstances and locations to find it might slightly differ, enriching the gameplay experience. Before embarking on this quest, it’s essential to prepare adequately, as catching the Glacierfish requires not only skill and patience but also the right equipment and timing.

Best Time and Season to Catch Glacierfish

The right timing is crucial for catching the Glacierfish. In Stardew Valley Expanded, much like in the base game, the Glacierfish can only be caught during Winter. The best time to fish for it is between 6 AM and 8 PM. This time frame ensures that the Glacierfish is active and more likely to bite, though securing the catch will still demand patience and skill.

Required Equipment

To increase your chances of catching the Glacierfish, having the best possible equipment is a must. At a minimum, you should aim to use the Iridium Rod, which allows you to attach bait and tackle to enhance your fishing capabilities. Baits, like the Magic Bait available in the SVE mod, can be particularly useful as they allow you to catch any fish regardless of season, time, or weather. For tackle, consider using the Trap Bobber, which slows down the rate at which fish escape, giving you a better chance to keep up with the Glacierfish’s sudden movements.

Location Guide for the Glacierfish in Stardew Valley Expanded

Finding the right location is paramount in your quest to catch the Glacierfish. In the base game, the Glacierfish resides in the southernmost point of Arrowhead Island in Cindersap Forest, near where the river meets the ocean. However, Stardew Valley Expanded may alter landscapes or introduce new fishing spots, which means players need to explore a bit more. Check the expanded areas around Pelican Town, especially those near water bodies that are accessible in Winter. Forums and community guides specifically for SVE might also provide updated locations based on the version of the mod you are playing.

Techniques for Catching the Glacierfish

Catching the Glacierfish is no small feat due to its erratic behavior once hooked. It’s recommended to level up your fishing skill to at least level 10 to reduce the difficulty slightly. Utilizing cooked dishes that boost your fishing skill, such as Dish O’ The Sea, can also provide an edge. Focus and patience are key; watch the fish’s movement closely and be prepared for it to rapidly change directions. The use of the Trap Bobber, as mentioned earlier, is almost essential, as it gives you more leeway to reel the fish in.


Can the Glacierfish be caught more than once in Stardew Valley Expanded?

In Stardew Valley Expanded, just like in the original game, the Glacierfish is considered a legendary fish and can only be caught once per save file. After you catch the Glacierfish, it will no longer appear in the game for that specific save. This makes catching it a unique and rewarding challenge for players.

What happens if I fail to catch the Glacierfish after hooking it?

If you fail to catch the Glacierfish after hooking it, don’t be discouraged. Unlike some events in Stardew Valley, there’s no penalty for failing to catch a fish other than the loss of time and possibly bait. You can attempt to catch it again during the same day or any other day during Winter, as long as it’s between 6 AM and 8 PM.

Are there any prerequisites to catching the Glacierfish in Stardew Valley Expanded?

Beyond having the necessary equipment and being in the correct location and season, there are no specific prerequisites for catching the Glacierfish in Stardew Valley Expanded. However, it’s highly recommended to have a high fishing skill level, ideally level 10, and to use the best rod, baits, and tackles available to increase your chances of success.

Can the Glacierfish be used in cooking or crafting?

In Stardew Valley, the Glacierfish, like other legendary fish, cannot be used in cooking or crafting recipes. Its primary purpose is as a collectible to showcase your angling prowess. You can either sell it for a substantial amount of money, donate it to the Community Center (if applicable), or display it in your home as a trophy.

Does weather affect the chances of catching the Glacierfish in Stardew Valley Expanded?

Unlike some other fish in Stardew Valley, the weather does not directly affect the chances of catching the Glacierfish. The primary factors are the season (Winter), the time (6 AM to 8 PM), and your location. This means you can plan your fishing expedition on any Winter day, regardless of weather conditions.

Are there any mods that can help with catching the Glacierfish?

Yes, there are a variety of mods that can assist with fishing in Stardew Valley and its Expanded version, ranging from those that provide a better fishing experience by altering game mechanics to others offering more direct assistance, like highlighting the fish’s movement in the mini-game. However, using such mods can significantly reduce the challenge and satisfaction of catching legendary fish like the Glacierfish. Always check mod compatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded before installation.

What are some strategies for leveling up the fishing skill quickly?

Leveling up your fishing skill in Stardew Valley can be achieved through persistent fishing efforts. Every fish, trash item, or seaweed caught contributes to your experience points in fishing. To level up swiftly, spend as many days as possible fishing, especially during favorable conditions when rarer fish are more likely to bite. Utilizing crafted or purchased foods and drinks that temporarily increase your fishing skill can also accelerate your progress. Remember, the higher the value of the fish caught, the more experience points you earn, so focusing on valuable fish can be an efficient strategy.

Can I catch the Glacierfish during the Night Market event in Winter?

The Night Market event in Winter does not affect the availability of the Glacierfish. You can still catch the Glacierfish during the event’s duration, provided you are at the correct location and fishing between 6 AM and 8 PM. This makes Winter an especially exciting season for anglers looking to capture this legendary fish while also participating in the Night Market festivities.

Is there a specific reason to catch the Glacierfish other than for the challenge?

Catching the Glacierfish in Stardew Valley Expanded provides several benefits beyond the sheer challenge and accomplishment. Firstly, capturing all legendary fish contributes to completing your fishing collection, which is a requirement for various achievements in the game. Additionally, legendary fish including the Glacierfish sell for a high price, offering a quick influx of gold if needed. Lastly, displaying the Glacierfish in your home can serve as a sign of your angling skill and dedication, serving a decorative purpose as well.

What is the best strategy if I keep failing to catch the Glacierfish?

If you’re struggling to catch the Glacierfish, consider taking a step back to prepare more thoroughly. Firstly, ensure your fishing skill is leveled up as much as possible, ideally to level 10, and that you have the best equipment, including the Iridium Rod, Trap Bobber, and Magic Bait. Practicing the fishing mini-game can also be beneficial to get accustomed to the mechanics, especially for reacting to quick movements of legendary fish like the Glacierfish. Lastly, consuming foods or drinks that boost your fishing skill temporarily can provide the additional edge needed to succeed.


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